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Boston & North Shore Wedding Photographer creating timeless imagery for classic New England weddings with a fine art approach.

At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session | Annabel

I first had the opportunity to photograph Elissa and Scott for their Estate at Moraine Farm wedding. It was an absolutely joy to work with this sweet and generous couple so I was equally delighted to be asked to photograph the arrival of their sweet baby girl Annabel.

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Fall Mini Session Outfit Guide

If you haven't heard, the second annual Mini Session Event has been announced for October 23rd in Topsfield!! If you're interested in booking a session, you can check out all the details here

One of most stressful part of a scheduling a portrait session can be figuring out what to wear!! Below, I've shared some outfit ideas and offered up a few of my favorite styling tips to perfectly plan for your session!

  • Cozy layers, cable knit textures
  • Winter colors, hues of blue, cream and silver
  • Layer with jackets, sweaters, vests
  • Avoid loud colors, graphic prints, details that would be distracting in your images
  • If dressing for a group, be sure that your color palette, textures and outfit styles are complimentary to one another
  • Schedule an appointment to have your hair & makeup done
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A Digital Yard Sale

I did it! I cleaned out my closet! I am finally ready to let go of some things and give them away to others! Welcome to my Digital Yard Sale!  All of these items have helped grow my business in one way or another and I'm sad to see them go! But as my business is growing I am realizing that I need to decrease the clutter and get rid of things I just don't use anymore. I want to see these items go to a good home, instead of just being thrown away so I decided to hold a digital yard sale. Ultimately I'm not holding this sale to make a ton of money (although that would be a nice treat:)) What I really want is to find people who could really benefit from any of these items, especially someone just starting out (many of these things I bought at the very beginning of my business or earlier)! I don't just want to throw these items away, rather I want to give these items a home:) That being said I am definitely willing to negotiate on any prices and I may be willing to give some away for free!! If any of these items interested you, please contact me directly at or leave a comment below using a valid email address where I can reach you! Happy Yard Sale-ing everyone!!

(*these prices do not reflect shipping costs)

$50 -- The Lookbook -- I originally purchased this for $75. It's in great shape and it is a GREAT tool for photographers and their clients. If I wanted to demonstrate a certain pose to clients I could just whip this baby out and get the ball rolling. It's a great visual for clients to see to understand what you'd like them to do. In original condition.

$20 -- The Gary Fong C4 Cloud Lightsphere II Inverted Dome Flash Diffusion System -- Originally purchased from Amazon and has only been used once. Great condition. A great addition to your lighting set up, it just isn't within my style.

$10 -- Microsoft Computer Mouse, this would be a great tool for a second computer. I have a mouse with my Mac so I don't need this anymore.

$200 -- Adobe Creative Suite 2, includes Photoshop, InDesign, Bridge, Acrobat, GoLive. Would be willing to bundle this with the iMac listed below for free.

$400 -- iMac G5 -- This computer is in great condition! I don't need it anymore as I have a larger desktop computer. Would be great as a secondary computer for an intern or as another workstation. Mac information: Processor is a PowerPC G5, 1.8 GHZ CPU speed, 1 GB memory, 65 GB of memory on the hard drive, 15in display. Original box and packaging as well as all books and dvds with computer:)

$75 --Manfrotto 300 Tripod. This is a heavy duty tripod in great condition. It has only been used once or twice.

$700 -- Canon 1dMarkII. This camera is a workhorse and I am so sad to be parting with it! Now that I have 2 5dMarkIIs I just don't need this body anymore. Comes with everything you see here as well as the original box, packaging material and booklets. It has some scratches on the body but other than that it is in great condition! 10 fps, 8 megapixels, up to 1600 iso.

$300 -- Canon 30d. This is also a great camera in great condition. Comes with everything you see here as well as the original box, packaging material and booklets. 8 megapixels, 5fps, 1600 iso.

$10 -- Voice recorder. Has been used twice.

$100 -- Canon ZR500 Video camera. In great condition. Has only been used twice.

$40 -- Lexar Card Reader 400 Firewire. This card reader is no longer being offered and no one knows why! This is the most fabulous card reader I've ever owned!! Sad to part with it, but I have two Lexar 800 Firewire readers instead.

$10 -- Lumiquest Ultrabounce. This has never been used, and is similar to the Gary Fong Dome. Would be a great addition to a flash set up!

If any of these products interest you, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at! I'd love to give these items to someone who could use them and give them some use!