Boston & New England Wedding Photographer Deborah Zoe

Boston & North Shore Wedding Photographer creating timeless imagery for classic New England weddings with a fine art approach.

Cove Cabin at Mount Hope Farm Wedding

Emily & Ricky’s wedding day started with white, puffy clouds but by the time we arrived to their First Look things started to change. The sky turned a dark grey/blue and lightning cracked across the sky off in the distance. In between rain drops and claps of thunder Emily & Ricky braved the elements with smiles and laughter — enjoying every minute they spent together with their wedding party. By the time portraits were over, the skies opened up and a deluge of rain really began…

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The Best of 2016 : Weddings

It's here!! The finale to the Best of 2016 series -- WEDDINGS!! This is one of my favorite posts to share each year and there is SO much pretty to share with you today!! 2016 was one for the books, it was an incredible year filled with amazing people and beautiful celebrations. Again and again I was reminded of how special it is to be invited into one of the most important day of a couple's life together and to preserve that day for years to come.

2016 saw celebrations of all kinds and sizes. Estate weddings, chic urban weddings, outdoor ceremonies and gothic styled churches, large wedding parties and small. Each wedding was uniquely different.

Enjoy some of my faves!!

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A Quaint New England Wedding at the Martha Mary Chapel

Kenny and Melissa have been together since high school and so their wedding had become something very special to them. It marked the end of one chapter of their relationship but opened the doors to something new and exciting. One of my favorite moments of the day was as the doors to the Martha Mary Chapel opened and Melissa appeared. Kenny's eyes filled with tears, overcome with this moment and all that it meant for them. Years together already but a lifetime of adventures ahead. 

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Featured: A Paper Proposal, Borrowed & Bleu, Diana Ma Weddings, Union Leader and Seacoast Weddings

Lots and lots to share with you on this dreary Friday! Perhaps some lovely features will cheer up this gloomy mood?! As you might all know I LOVE wedding blogs and I love submitting the real engagements and weddings of my fabulous couples. Plain and simple, the easiest, fastest and most effective way of doing this is with Two Bright Lights. I could chat your ear off about submitting and getting published, but that's a post for another day. I'll just leave it at Two Bright Lights, signup and start submitting, it's definitely worth your investment! First up is Jared & Kristen's spring Fenway engagement on A Paper Proposal. Just looking these photos again made me yearn for warm sunny afternoons with the trees in bloom and a soft breeze blowing through my hair. Oh and for the start of baseball! Ack, winter. If you're feeling like I am, make sure to check out this feature. Draped in my warmest blanket and seven layers of clothes, if I concentrate just hard enough, I can almost picture us back there....almost. Thank you so much Sarah for featuring this lovely couple and for reminding me that spring is coming!


Borrowed & Bleu recently featured Debs & Alex's engagement session up in Ogunquit, Maine. The dramatic skies, dancing on the beach, dodging the rain and fun with ice cream, it's not to be missed! Thank you Borrowed & Bleu!!

What can I say about Diana? I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her over this past year! I am also grateful that she allowed me the chance to work with Brian and Lisa! Everyone that worked together for this wedding all left feeling to privileged that we were able to do so. Diana does a much better job at expressing our collective gratitude so head on over to her blog and read more:) And if you were thinking about hiring a wedding planner, make sure to contact Diana, she is simply amazing at what she does!

Today is going to be an all out Brian and Lisa love fest BECAUSE I have two more amazing features showcasing their beautiful wedding! A few weeks ago, Diana sent out a surprise message that announced a feature she had been working on with the Union Leader. Brian and Lisa's wedding headed up the newspaper's bridal pullout with a BIG picture from their wedding day! I may have danced around the house when I found out. I'm not sure why I get so excited, I used to be published every. single. day. when I worked as a news photographer. But there is something different when you're a small business owner. I'm not going to lie, to see your hard work recognized is quite humbling and amazingly exciting. And no matter how big or small a feature may be, I am always excited and proud to see a client's wedding showcased in a public way!

When Seacoast Weddings contacted me to let me know they were going to use an image from Brian and Lisa's wedding, I just about fainted. A real wedding magazine! My first print feature! I probably couldn't have been more excited! I am like a proud mama, so excited for her clients and excited to have an image chosen to be published. Thank you so much Seacoast Weddings for helping me mark this milestone in my business! I couldn't be happier that I can cross this off my business bucket list with such a wonderful publication!

Thank you to all of the recent publications, online or in print that have featured the lovely couples I've had the privilege to work with this past year. And many, MANY, thanks to the wonderful couples who choose to put their trust in me to document such an important time in their life. Without your hard work and attention to detail none of these features would have been possible. These announcements are meaningless without my deepest heart felt gratitude towards you. You've helped make my dreams become reality. I can't imagine getting to work with better people and I'm so grateful to call you all friends. THANK YOU!





Wedding Love: Destination Weddings New England Style

Before last year if you had asked me what the first thing I thought of when it came to Destination Weddings was I would tell you, exotic, warm, palm trees, sand and tropical drinks. But thanks to my wonderful couples this past year, my idea of Destination Weddings had definitely expanded, or rather come home. Did you know that couples who are planning a destination wedding actually consider New England as a possible destination?! For someone who grew up here I am always looking for ways to travel to other parts of the world. I've forgotten that people actually travel HERE to experience New England and all that it has to offer. The old charm, the beach, the ocean, the rocky coast, the mountains, the woods, the farm lands. No wonder couples want to marry here! From couples who live out of the region to couples who call New England home, all are finding the draw to plan a wedding right here in New England!

That' exactly what Jared and Kristen did for their Block Island weekend wedding. While they only live one state over, they chose Block Island for their summery beach wedding. They wanted to give their guests the opportunity to spend the weekend at the beach and enjoy the sun and festivities without feeling like they had to rush back home. It helped to create a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere! And the best part is that while they felt like they were far away from normal everyday life, they were only an hour ferry ride back to reality!


For Brian and Lisa, they planned a weekend in Maine for their wedding guests and only live a few hours away in Boston. Lisa has spent many summers away in Maine so being able to bring that piece of her life into her wedding day was very important. Brian and Lisa also wanted to give their guests a wedding experience with a weekend full of events. They wanted to share with their guests what they loved about Maine. They were able to plan a wedding just two states away, in their own backyard, while still giving their guests a feel of a Destination Wedding.

Patty and Justin on the other hand live outside of New England and planned their very own Destination Wedding in Maine all the way from Washington, D.C.! Justin grew up in Maine and so it was fitting for them to plan their wedding there. They wanted to give their guests the opportunity to experience all that coastal Maine has to offer and again planned a weekend full of activities to give their guests a complete experience. This is a great example of choosing to marry in New England because of what New England has to offer. There really is nothing like being on the coast in the summer!

Ben and Kristen love the outdoors so Vermont was a natural choice for them for their Fall wedding. They chose a location three hours from their home. So while they had to travel to their wedding, they were close enough to come home and relax before leaving for their honeymoon. They had the feel of a Destination Wedding without the cost of airfare. Again, like the other couples above, they planned a weekend of events for their guests, giving them the opportunity to experience the best of what their location had to offer!


I hope that this post has caused you to rethink how you view Destination Weddings. Of course there really is nothing like sand, palm trees, warm breezes and an exotic location (are you planning that wedding, contact me;)) But that doesn't mean you should discount your own backyard, especially if you live in New England. With so many options and four distinct seasons to choose from, you can plan your own wedding weekend away right here while still being able to get away, without the expensive travel costs! I love traveling throughout New England so if you're planning a wedding here, let's chat! I want to hear all about your wedding, destination or not!