Boston & New England Wedding Photographer Deborah Zoe

Boston & North Shore Wedding Photographer creating timeless imagery for classic New England weddings with a fine art approach.

Cove Cabin at Mount Hope Farm Wedding

Emily & Ricky’s wedding day started with white, puffy clouds but by the time we arrived to their First Look things started to change. The sky turned a dark grey/blue and lightning cracked across the sky off in the distance. In between rain drops and claps of thunder Emily & Ricky braved the elements with smiles and laughter — enjoying every minute they spent together with their wedding party. By the time portraits were over, the skies opened up and a deluge of rain really began…

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Wianno Club Wedding

Family is everything to Willie & Joanne so when it came time to plan their wedding day they were sure to fill every moment with meaningful tributes to their loved ones. They married on the Cape - a place incredibly special to Joanne's family, at the Wianno Club. Joanne wore her grandmother's dress - the same dress that her Mom wore on her wedding day.  Willie invited family from the Midwest to experience all the East Coast has to offer. Joanne shared a meaningful and heartfelt first look with her Dad. It was a joy to be there to capture it all!! Enjoy my favorites from the day below!!

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Genna & Max Married on Cape Cod

If there is one thing about New England that is predictable, is that weather in New England is completely unpredictable. Sunny one moment, rainy the next. And that's exactly what Mother Nature gave us on Genna & Max's wedding day. Off and on rain, mist and some incredibly beautiful fog. But despite the up and down of the weather, Genna and Max remained steady - both grounded in the happiness they shared to finally be at this moment together, their wedding day. 

Married on Cape Cod, where they spend much time together as a couple and with family, Genna & Max were delighted to share this special place with their loved ones. They filled their day with nautical and classic details, a perfect compliment for their coastal New England celebration!! Enjoy some of my absolutely favorites from the day!!

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Coastal New England Wedding in Summer

Josselyn and Matthew had a perfect summer wedding. Set on the South Shore of Boston their wedding day was one filled with personal touches like the centerpieces made of flowers picked from their backyard to the hand drawn pictures from her students displayed on the dessert table. Friends and family alike helped bring their day together, a day they had dreamed of for a long time. 

Josselyn & Matthew, it was a joy to document your wedding day, to witness as you promised forever to each other and to celebrate alongside your loved ones!! Enjoy some of my favorite images!!

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Estate at Moraine Farm Wedding | Elissa & Scott

Elissa & Scott's wedding was a dream. I had been looking forward to their wedding ever since Elissa first inquired with me last spring. I loved her vision of a soft, romantic vibe amongst the beautiful gardens of Moraine Farm. She shares my love of flowers and I just adored her effortless style. All of these things she brought into the wedding day, bringing together a beautiful and timeless celebration. 

But beyond the stylish details, Elissa & Scott ensured that their day stayed grounded in personal touches and the importance that this day held for them and their families. There were many happy tears, reminiscing, celebration and laughter. It was a day filled with all the beautiful emotions and feelings a wedding day can bring -- it was a delight to photograph. 

There are so many favorites I'd love to share, I had a hard time narrowing them down!! Enjoy this highlight of their flower filled, garden inspired wedding!! 

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Newport Beach House Wedding

I knew that Alli & Brendan's wedding day would be nothing short of chic and elegant with a touch of nautical inspired design and it did not disappoint!! They day was filled with beautiful touches that highlighted the seaside vibe of Newport and reflected the couple's effortless style. Don't miss Alli's amazing Tiffany blue stacked heels -- swoon!! 

The couple celebrated their wedding day in Newport, a charming and historical port city. They were one of the first couples to marry at the brand new Newport Beach House which offered sweeping views of the ocean. It was a delight to step right on to the beach from the patio and enjoy the ocean breeze throughout the day. While it may have been seasonably chilly for Memorial Day, it never dampened the cheerful spirit of the day!!

Alli & Brendan are two incredibly down to earth people. While extremely accomplished in their own right, they stay grounded in their love for family and each other. It was a joy to document their wedding day and to celebrate alongside their loved ones. It was a day filled with happy tears, laughter and LOTS of dancing!! Thank you Alli & Brendan for your kind and generous spirit!! It was a blast to be a part of your day!!

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Product Highlight | Signature Album

Recently we just completed the most beautiful wedding album for Carl & Colleen. These two lovebirds wed this past summer and threw the most perfectly Boston wedding celebration. From the classic black tie details to a rousing sing a long of "Old Rover", their day was an ode to their heritage and the city that they love. Take a peak inside their gorgeous album! 

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The State Room Wedding | Phoebe & Kevin

As the sun set over the city, Phoebe and Kevin were married in a heartfelt and intimate ceremony at the State Room overlooking the city skyline & Boston Harbor. Surrounded by their closest family and friends they committed their lives to one another, read their own vows and giggled together as their officiant recounted stories of their relationship. With the ring warming, a tradition where the wedding rings are passed to each guest, it felt like everyone has a small part in the beginning of their new chapter together. 

Phoebe and Kevin's day was an elegant affair, encompassing everything they loved about the city. Getting ready down town, having their first look at Post Office Square and then hosting their ceremony and reception overlooking the city's skyline, Boston played a central part in their wedding day -- the perfect setting for this couple who met here in Boston.

Phoebe & Kevin, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your day. We were honored to be there to photograph this next chapter of your life together!! Enjoy some of my favorite images!!

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Red Lion Inn | Brianna & Keith

As a red head myself, when in the company of other redheads, there is an unspoken bond -- a sisterhood of hair if you will. So imagine my delight when I walked into Briana's getting ready suite to discover that not only did Briana have beautiful red hair but her sisters did as well!! Right then, I knew it was going to be an amazing day!!

And what an amazing day it was!! Briana and Keith chose to marry at the Red Lion Inn --  Briana immediately fell in love with the rustic charm of the barn -- the perfect compliment to their gorgeous fall wedding day. The day was accented with rich hues of blue and plum, wild organic flowers and a touch of elegant prep. 

But what I loved most about the day was being able to witness Briana & Keith together. The couple met while working as camp counselors years ago. And yet, years after they met, Keith still makes Briana light up. Keith still beams with pride when by Briana's side. They still laugh together as if they were first dating, it's clear that these two are best friends -- a strong foundation that will carry them through this life together!!

Briana and Keith, thank you for inviting us to be part of your amazing day!! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images!!

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Fall Wedding at the Nashoba Valley Winery

Taryn and Jim had one of the most spectacular fall days...ever. New England has this funny of way of being unpredictable and you never quite know what kind of weather you'll get for your wedding day. Taryn and Jim hit the jackpot of weather with clear blue skies, a warm fall October sun and some of the prettiest foliage we've seen all season. It was everything they could have hoped for in their fall wedding at the Nashoba Valley Winery!!

Taryn and Jim held an intimate celebration for their closest family and friends amongst the grape vines and overlooking the valley. Taryn accented the day with hues of plum and purple -- the perfect compliment to their wedding venue. But what made their day truly special were the people that they were surrounded by - people who love this couple deeply. I hope that Jim and Taryn tangibly felt that support throughout their day. It's a testament to how kind, generous and loving Taryn and Jim are.

Taryn & Jim, thank you for inviting us to be part of your day!! Enjoy some of my favorite images!! 

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Fairmont Copley Plaza Wedding | Erica & Mark

It rained and rained and rained and rained -- then it rained some more. Hurricane Matthew made it's appearance known this past Sunday with a day full of wet and blustery conditions. The rain came steady and didn't let up until late until the evening. You know what they say though, rain is good luck on your wedding day!!

It rained on our wedding day and when the black storm clouds rolled in I cried big ugly tears. So I would have completely understood if the rain dampened Erica & Mark's spirits this past Sunday. But when I walked into the getting ready suite at the Fairmont, instead of tears I was greeted with smiles and hugs and an ever cheerful Erica. No rain was going to quell her joy to be marrying the love of her life!! 

I think that is one of the things that I love most about these two. They have a strong understanding about the things that are important to them in life -- everything else comes second. No Hurricane was going to take that from them!! Luckily they chose the spectacular Fairmont Copley Plaza to host their wedding which offered a beautiful backdrop for their images. We stayed dry and warm inside, exploring all the unique corners of the luxurious lobby. 

Erica and Mark -- thank you again for inviting us to be a part of your day. We were honored to witness as you became Husband and Wife!! Enjoy some of my favorite images of the day!! 

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The Elms & Regatta Place Wedding

Kerin & Ryan picked Newport for their wedding location, almost on a whim. Both had never spent too much time in this quaint coastal town but after a visit they knew that it was the perfect place to host their wedding. A local destination of sorts, Newport provided the perfect place for their friends and family to escape to without much traveling. And with cooler temperatures and small crowds, the weekend event was the perfect way to experience Newport in a leisurely and relaxed pace. 

Kerin & Ryan started the day in downtown Newport, both getting ready in separate houses right on Thames Street. Kerin's house even had a top floor roof deck that overlooked downtown and Newport Harbor! Following a lovely and intimate ceremony, they headed to the magnificent Elms Mansion for wedding portraits with their wedding party & family. Finally they headed back to Regatta Place, located right in Newport Harbor, for a night of dancing and celebrating. Their day was a great mix of everything wonderful about Newport - the history and coastal charm were the perfect compliment for Kerin & Ryan's day.

What a joy it was to celebrate with Kerin & Ryan's families who were all so excited to be together to watch as they became Husband & Wife. Kerin's Mom was a ray of sunshine the morning of the wedding while her Dad offered up cheers on the trolley and made sure that everyone had a full glass of rose to toast to the couple. Ryan's Dad joked that they were old pros during the family formals and his Mom snuggled in close, happy to see her son marrying the woman of his dreams. 

As a wedding photographer, I'm granted special license into these private moments that families share together on the wedding day. It is a joy and honor to be there to document them for my couples and the people that they love. Kerin & Ryan, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your day, enjoy some of my favorite images!!

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Product Highlight | Signature Album

Take a peek inside Stephanie & Rick's Signature Wedding Album from their beautiful private backyard wedding in New England this past summer!! Stephanie and Rick chose a lovely grey linen cover, the perfect compliment to their wedding day color palette. Be sure to check out the video below to see even more of their beautiful wedding album. Enjoy!!

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Backyard Summer Wedding in New England

Though Stephanie and Rick went to the same high school, it took a chance meeting years later through friends for a real introduction. With the help of friends and Rick's sister the two connected and the rest is history!

This past weekend they celebrated under the stars with close family and friends in a beautiful backyard wedding. The couple chose the home of Stephanie's grandparents, where she grew up and where she has many fond memories. When it came time to plan their wedding day, Stephanie and Rick knew that this house was the perfect location. 

Tucked away down a winding dirt road on Baddacook Pond in Groton, the property felt like a hidden oasis. Cocktail hour was hosted out front with drinks, appetizers and lawn games. The reception was hosted out back under a sail cloth tent and sweeping views of the property and adjacent pond. Beth of Fetching Events was on hand to ensure that the day flowed smoothly and everything came together perfectly.

The homey feeling of the property, the sweeping views and the personal connection that Stephanie and Rick had to the place and their families truly made the night feel magical!!  -- enjoy some of my favorite images!!

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A Quaint New England Wedding at the Martha Mary Chapel

Kenny and Melissa have been together since high school and so their wedding had become something very special to them. It marked the end of one chapter of their relationship but opened the doors to something new and exciting. One of my favorite moments of the day was as the doors to the Martha Mary Chapel opened and Melissa appeared. Kenny's eyes filled with tears, overcome with this moment and all that it meant for them. Years together already but a lifetime of adventures ahead. 

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Ask Anything: Visual Supply Company Presets

VSCO (Visual Supply Company) has been a huge buzzword on Twitter over that last few months or so. I first heard about this company from seeing a tweet from Nate of Image is Found. I was so intrigued about these "film" presets that I decided to take advantage of their "sale" price last month and clicked buy.

I really didn't know what to expect. I don't shoot in film and my editing style is more clean than the grainy look of film. But I had heard so many great things about the presets that I thought I'd take a chance and try them out.

After playing for a few weeks now, I can tell you that these are some powerful presets! Customized for Canon and Nikon shooters they work with your file specifically to create the best looking image! Wow. They are highly stylized however, so if the film look is not for your, neither are these presets.

As a former film shooter, the idea of being able to create the look of film with a digital image is really exciting. I can get the look of Kodak, Fuji, Ilford, all with a digital file and all with the power of Lightroom. With one click I can transform my image and still have the ability to fine tune the photo and make adjustments where needed. The presets are consistent and reliable and make editing a true breeze! Of course keeping in mind that your exposures are correct. These presets are made to create a look and feel, they are not for correcting exposures.

Within the presets there are also adjustment presets to further customize. Darken skies, add a fade, decrease/increase saturation, add grain and more. You can take the preset and really make an image that is truly your own. It's been really fun playing and creating something outside of my normal editing!

Hands down I think that these presets are definitely worth their price tag and are quite the steal. Definitely check VSCO out if you are looking for that film look without the work of using film! And while this is isn't my typical editing style, I am looking forward to having these for personal projects. And maybe an image or two in my editing;) Super powerful, customizable and consistent, these are the best Lightroom presets I have ever purchased. With simply one click I can create an image that I am proud to show my clients, family or friends. Anything that can help make editing faster, easier and more efficient makes me happy:)

I used Mike and Monica's engagement session to demonstrate the different looks you can create with VSCO. If you'd like to see what their engagement session looked like without the presets, take a look here. The below images are SOOC and the presets have been directly applied to the RAW image. I've indicated my adjustments and tweaks below as well as what preset I used on each image:)

Kodak Porta 160 (my favorite out of the color film presets)

Darken Skies +

Kodak Porta 160

Darken Skies +

Fill Light

Local adjustment brush

Saturation - 100% (you do not need to desaturate your images before using the presets)

Tri-X 400

Contrast +

Fuji 800z -

Fuji 160C

Vignette +

Ilford HP5

Fuji 160C

Fuji 800z +

Local adjustment brush

Kodak Porta 160C

Fuji 800z+


Kodak T-Max 3200


Blacks +3

Fuji 160C

Fill Light

Kodak Tri-X 400 +

Vignette +


If you've been on the fence about whether or not these presets are for you, I hope I've given you a glimpse at what you can do with them and how the various film looks effect your images. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at I'd love to hear your thoughts!



Sarah & Steve's Wedding at The Congregational Church of Amherst and The Mile Away Restaurant

Saturday was a typical and beautiful fall day. Crisp blue skies, a hint of foliage and a light chill in the air. And since rain canceled their engagement session, twice, and since it down poured when we actually had their engagement session, we were happy and excited for clear skies on Saturday! Not a drop to be seen, all day long!

Sarah was an overjoyed bride, with a smile never leaving her face. Steve was the gentlemen, always with a gentle embrace for his wife. And with grey and yellow details and some amazing blue shoes, you really can't go wrong! It was a great day that I am so excited to share with you! So without anymore delay, here is Sarah and Steve's wedding!

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Ceremony  Congregational Church of Amherst | Reception The Mile Away Restaurant | Photographer Deborah of Deborah Zoe Photo | Dress Bella Bridal | Shoes Manolo Blahnik | Grooms Attire Men's Warehouse | Florals Eileen of The Garden Party| Bakery Mile Away Restaurant | Entertainment Brady Serafin| Transportation L.A. Limonsine

A Preview of Steve & Sarah's Wedding at The Mile Away Restaurant in Milford, New Hampshire

I'm rushing out the door to an engagement session but before I left I wanted to share with you a sneak peek of what's coming later this week, Steve and Sarah's wedding! And with shoes like these you know it's gonna be a good one! Stay tuned for their full blog post on Friday! Enjoy!

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Sean & Cassandra's DIY Wedding in Acton

Cass and Sean's wedding was filled with hand-made personal details. From the felt boutonnieres to the paper flowers even down to the place mats at the reception, Cass did it all, and did all with a touch of flare. Wed in the front yard of her family's home, their wedding was an intimate affair which they celebrated with close family and friends. Tears filled their eyes as they pledged their life to one another, vowing to always keep each other smiling. Saturday marked a new chapter in their life together as a family, Rockwell and Clementine included:)

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Ceremony & Reception | Private Home

Photographer | Deborah Zoe Photo

Caterer | Firefly BBQ

Baker | Aunty Ellen's Cakes

Wedding Dress | David's Bridal

Bridesmaids Attire | JCrew

Groomsmen Attire | Zara

A Preview of Sean & Cassandra's DIY Wedding in Acton

Are you ready for some DIY detail wedding overload?! Then make sure you head back for all the goodness on Friday. For now here's a just a glimpse into Sean and Cassandra's colorful day! Enjoy!

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