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Things I Can't Live Without

Y'all know that I LOOOOOOVE organization. So anything that allows me to be even more organized than I already am, well of course it has me smitten! Let me introduce you to Mint. is a a free online budgeting application/tool that allows you to track all of your finances giving you a universal view of your budgets. 

Budgets are nothing new to Dave and I. We have budgeted since the beginning of our marriage. But up until now it's been on a confusing excel spreadsheet that only my husband and a NASA rocket scientist could understand. Working out our monthly budget could be a stressful and confusing process and would often leave me feeling discouraged. And while I was happy that at least one of us understood what was happening with our finances, I desperately wanted something I could understand too! 

So when friend after friend told me that I HAD to check out it was a no brain-er. Finally a tool that allowed us to track our finances creating monthly budgets and yearly goals all within a platform that made sense to BOTH of us! 

Now we easily track all of our finances online and on our phones (ahem, my phone;)). We can quickly see if we are underspending or overspending in any of our budgets as well as keep track of our savings and financial goals! Talk about one application that I can't live without! 

And don't just think that this is only for your personal finances! I use this for my business finances as well! This was the catalyst for me to actually build a real financial budget for my business. Because I can easily SEE and UNDERSTAND where finances are being spread, I can easily understand how to budget for the future. And if there is one thing we should be doing as business owners it is budgeting for the future. 

So, like my friends before me, I encourage you to check out Mint. Nothing feels better than having a REAL handle on your finances and financial goals. And nothing is better than using an application that makes that process easy and accessible. Happy Monday, now get out there and budget!! 

What are some of your favorite tools to help you keep track of your finances?