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Embracing Who I Am Not

Recently I was chatting with a friend. Talking about our dreams for the future and where we'd like to see our businesses in the coming years. I have a clear direction of how I want to grow and where I want to push myself. 

But as I spoke to her my dreams I had to be careful to make the distinction between who I am and who I am NOT. 

The reality is that sometimes I see myself not as who I am but as who I think I should be. As if I'm not content with who I was created me to be and rather desiring to be someone I am not. I see what other people are doing, I see what other people are achieving and I see who other people think I should be. I listen to those voices and then align my dreams and hopes for the future based on untruths. I base my future on the things that I am not. 

As I've grown in age, as most of us do, I've realized that I am who I am. And with each year older, I am steadily becoming ok with who I am not. I am slowly learning to let go of dreams and aspirations that just don't line up with who I am. That doesn't mean I've stopped dreaming or stopped trying to grow. I've got a long way to go. It just means that I'm learning to align those dreams and goals with the unique person that I was created to be. 

Are you with me? 

This might not make sense to anyone but me. But I hope that if you're out there and struggling to find balance between where you want to be and who you ARE, just let it go. Let go of your expectations, your this is what I must be thoughts. Let the character and person that you are dictate how you live your life, not some predestine thought of a stranger of who you have to be. Maybe I'm the only one who struggles. But I have found freedom and release in learning to embrace who I am not and running head first into the things that reflect who I truly am. 

Who am I? A frizzy haired red head who loves her dog, a little to much ;)