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Our Trip To Napa: The ShootThisNotThat Wedding

Two things. If you ever have the chance to go to Napa, do it. And if you ever have the chance to work with Summer, double do it. Summer put on an amazing workshop, an experience that I will never forget. From all the other attendees turned new friends, to the knowledge she bestowed up on us, to the amazing details she pulled together for us to photograph, the ShootThisNotThat workshop, in short, was epic. I left our time in Napa, refreshed and excited. I learned so much from Summer and I am so grateful to her for taking the time to instill in us all the knowledge that she is so passionate about. And I know that you are dying to see all the eye candy from our trip and all the details that Summer pulled together. So here goes:)!

We'll start off with the beautiful location, Scribe Winery. This place is a photographer's dream. So many nooks and crannies to shoot and discover! It was an old bootlegger's home and hasn't been touched since they lived there. Gah.

Scribe winery looks out over their expansive property...their driveway is over a mile long! It made for a beautiful backdrop. And that furniture from One True Love Vintage just was icing on the cake!

Onto the details. Summer brought together the sweetest touches. I personally loved these numbered plates.

And the sweet spools of thread were adorable as well!I'm a sucker for a beautiful flowers and these bouquets from La Fleuriste did NOT disappoint!

Even the stationary was amazing. This suite was created by Mae Mae Paperie. Can I get married again?!

Onto our stinkin' cute couple. How adorable are they?!

Audrey and Stella Beauty did an amazing job with hair and make up and the Ivy and Aster dress provided by Lovely Bride was just perfection.

One of Summer's favorite sayings during the workshop was "When in doubt, blow it out". I'm laughing just thinking about it, BUT, I have to say that phrase really challenged me and the way I was shooting. I took a few more risks than I normally do when it comes to shooting. I over exposed, I blew out the background, I let details go to highlight others. I'm pretty excited with the results and can't wait to continue to experiment!

So the color theme of the mock wedding was neon yellow with touches of pink. I how amazing was it then that the winery had this bright yellow door?!

After shooting up at the main building we took a quick walk over to the hacienda.

After a LONG day of shooting we were all pretty tired and hungry. Summer along with the ladies at The Collection (learn more about then tomorrow) and Scribe Winery, hosted a wine dinner for all the workshop attendees, their significant others and any one else involved in the workshop. It was nothing less than amazing. The dinner was catered by Barbara Llewellyn with linens provided by La Tavola. Great food, great wine, great company. What a wonderful way to end the day!!

Tomorrow: All the behind the scenes goodness of the workshop... stay tuned!