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Product Highlight | Signature Album

Laney & Austin chose a beautiful navy blue linen cover for their Signature Album to compliment their chic city wedding held earlier this spring at the Providence Public Library. They selected a subtle imprinting of their names and wedding day on the cover. I love the simplicity of their design that paired perfectly with their images. Enjoy a sneak peek into their album!

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Providence Public Library Wedding

Laney & Austin, what can I say? I hope it’s evident through their images the generous and kind couple that they are. I mean look at Austin’s smile - how infectious is his joy to be marrying Laney? Earlier this spring Laney & Austin wed at the historic Providence Public Library in an intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends. Loved ones had traveled from all over the country to witness the nuptials and many hugs were shared as they brought their two families together.

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101 in 1001

101 in 1001

January 4, 2012 to October 1, 2014

I love lists. Lists, lists, lists. Lists of tasks, lists of goals, lists of dreams, lists of chores, grocery lists, honey-do lists. You name it, I've probably made a list of out it. And since I'm not one for New Years resolutions (I'm not one for keeping them either;)) I make lists. Lists of goals and dreams for the coming year. For the past two years I've shared these lists here on the blog (here and here) and it's been fun being able to go back and see just how far I've come! So as 2012 approached I started in on my list for the New Year. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to create a list that was bigger than before. Something that would challenge me. A list of goals and dreams that were far reaching. I wanted a list that would stretch my ability to dream big (and small).

So I decided to make a 101 in 1001 list. 101 goals in 1001 days. (1001 is just shy of three years) I first heard of this idea from other photographers that I follow: Melissa Jill, Karen Stott,  and Gail Werner (Take a look at their lists for inspiration. It's so fun to see the goals and dreams of other people and even more inspiring to see them being checked off and accomplished!)

Last spring I had the opportunity to attend a mentor session with Justin and Mary. I was supposed to come with my BHAGs, (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). And I came up with a puny little list.  Mary encouraged me think bigger, dream bigger and get specific. Ugh, I thought I had! But she was right. If I was going to set goals for the future, in order to be able to accomplish them, I had to know exactly what I was reaching for! And so as I thought about my 101 in 1001 list I kept her wisdom in mind. If these are my BHAGS, my big, hairy, audacious goals for the future then I needed to get specific! And I needed to not be afraid to say them out loud (or write them down as it were). So I did it, I wrote down the dreams of my heart. Without fear and with hope that I will accomplish what I've set out to do!

A lot could change in the next two plus years. My outlook on life could be drastically different and the goals and dreams I have today for the future could change.  But that's ok. I have a vision for where I want to be and with God's help and tweaking I plan on marching forward:)

I'd encourage you to take this journey with me and make your own 101 in 1001 list. Let's hold each other accountable to our dreams and to accomplishing our goals, big or small:)! Is there something you want to achieve? Is there a dream you want to see fulfilled? (Here's a calculator that you can use to calculate your end date) Write your 101 in 1001 down and start today!

Who knows what life will bring in the next two years or so, but I can tell you that I am super excited to find out!

Here's to dreaming!

1. Launch new Branding. This was top secret until hubby got me an iPhone case for Christmas that has my new logo on it. He put the case on my phone and I can't figure out how to get it off LOL! Well the details at least are on a "need to know basis" :) 2. Launch new website to fit with branding. 3. Launch new blog to fit with branding. so, so, SO excited about this project! 4. Travel back to Hawaii to photograph a wedding in Kauai. 5. Travel back to Europe to photograph a wedding in England, Scotland or Austria. 6. Have a Baby! Wheeeee!! 7. Create an online site for new clients as a welcome tool. 8. Visit our friends in Turkey. 9. Visit our friends in Austin, TX. 10. Run the Disney World Half Marathon or a Half Marathon. 11. Post once a week on the forums I belong to for three months straight (stole this from Gail Werner's list. I've been trying unsuccessfully to do this for months, so I'm writing it down here!) 12. Revamp The Bookworm Club. started on 1.18.2012 13. Join PPA and CPS. 14. Add a giving/charity component to my business, possibly with Thirst Relief or Gateway to Nepal. 15. Be published in a major Bridal magazine such as Brides, The Knot, Southern Weddings. 16. Be published on Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Southern Weddings or another national wedding blog. 17. Begin a mentorship program for photographers. 18. Speak publicly about something I am passionate about. Possibly at a workshop or P31 retreat. 19. Purchase a new used car, preferably a CRV !! completed on 3.07.2012 20. Decide whether or not to move to New Hampshire. 21. Cook dinner once a week for my Husband for a month. 22. Book 20-25 weddings a year. 23. Streamline my workflow and create a business manual. 24. See the Grand Canyon. 25. Landscape our front and back yard. 26. Own a pair of Frye boots. 28. Have a promo video made. 29. Go to Vancouver/Portland/visit the Northwest. 30. Visit 10 states I have never been too. 31. Improve Client packaging to match new branding and have a luxurious, custom feel. 32. Go on a girl's vacation to someplace warm with my besties. 33. Host a small workshop or retreat for women photographers, possibly for married photographers. 34. Pay for meal/drink/coffee of the person behind me at the drive through. At least once. 35. Create a travel photography site to sell prints. 36. Do three styled shoots with my favorite vendors. 37. Participate in a running club or boot camp program. 38. Implement and finish a DIY project for our home. 39. Second shoot a wedding for a photographer who lives outside of New England. 40. Hire a trainer to help Maya learn to not be afraid...of Dave. 41. Paint and revamp our fireplace. 42. Get a new laptop. 43. Revamp our bedroom. 44. Make a Date Night package for each month for a whole year for Dave:) -- completed on 1.1.2012 45. Visit California again. This time SoCal. 46. Be asked to write a guest blog post on a wedding blog or another photographers blog. 47. Go Karaoking, for the first time. 48. Find a photography/business/life mentor who can speak into my life. 49. Find someone who I can mentor and encourage. 50. Spend the whole day at the spa! (Without being intimidated;)) 51. Reach my goal weight of 1_0 and maintain it. 52. Take a self portrait once a month for a year. 53. Conquer my fear of flying. 54. Display our wedding vows in a meaningful way. 55. Make mom an album of our wedding. 56. Wake up with the hubby every work day for a whole month. 57. Revamp the living room/kitchen. 58. Revamp the dining room. 59. Shoot a gun (what?:)) 60. See a real live Moose. 61. Hike another 4,000 ft mountain with Dave (I want to help him cross that off his list!) 62. Revamp the downstairs bathroom. 63. Print images from Hawaii and other travels. 64. Become an LLC. completed on 1.1.2012 65. Have lunch with one of my photography heroes. 67. Have a consistent editing style. Use more color and better light. 68. Splurge and purchase a pair of Louboutins. Better yet, be surprised with a pair of Louboutins. Wink, wink ;) 69. Revamp my wedding day wardrobe. 70. Read all of the New Testament. 71. Read all of the Old Testament. 72. See another Broadway show. 73. Spend the weekend in NYC with my mom. 74. Go to Disney World. For the fifty millionth time :-) 75. Go on a Cruise for the first time. completed on 4.1.2012 76. Be published in a regional Bridal magazine like Seacoast Bride or WellWed. 77. Upgrade my second camera body (either 5d Mark II or the Mark IV) completed on 1.31.2012 78. Complete the P90x Program. 79. Create a better Twitter presence. 80. Sell or give away old equipment I'm not using. completed on 1.16.2012 81. Buy lunch for Katelyn James and Karen Stott and Jody Gray and Mary Marantz and Erin Youngren and Ginny Corbett and maybe some other fabulous photog lady friends. All together perhaps?:)! 82. Lead a homeless ministry again with the husband or just be a part of an outreach ministry. 83. Work with an intern who can help out with office details so I can concentrate on growing the business. Anyone interested?:) 84. Work with an assistant on the wedding day who can help carry bags, set up lighting, hold reflectors and shoot a little. Anyone interested?:) 85. Relive our wedding night by spending the weekend at The Custom House in Boston. Nothing like a mini vacation in your own backyard:)! 86. Buy Dave a double cab Toyota Tacoma (or truck of choice :)) 87. Travel to a warm state to run a road race. 88. Purchase a road bike and help my hubby get back into biking. 89. Spend the weekend at Church Landing in Meredith, New Hampshire. completed on 2.12.2012 90. Redesign my engagement ring and wedding band. 91. Go to another Patriots game. Play offs?:)! 92. Go on a road trip with the Husband through the South. 93. Visit Glacier National Park. 94. Attend a show at Fashion Week in NYC with Tricia. 95. Purchase a Kate Spade bag. And shoes. And dress.... 97. Ride a zip line, even though I'm TERRIFIED with even the thought of it! 98. **At first I had written road trip through the South twice. Now I am leaving this slot open! 99. Finish and blog my office. 101. And since we'll be over there, visit New Zealand.

** UPDATED TO ADD: Here is the original site from the person who created the 101 in 1001 idea:) **

Justin & Patty's Wedding at Linekin Bay Resort in Boothbay, Maine

Patty nibbled on a piece of pizza as her bridesmaids ran errands around the camp. She relaxed in her white robe sitting on the deck overlooking the rocky coast as a warm breeze blew through the trees. There could not have been a more relaxed start to a wedding day! As soon as Patty stepped into her dress the room full of women let out a collective gasp of happiness. "Beautiful." And it was true, Patty was a stunning bride. She radiated happiness, excitement and joy. As we made our way to the couple's First Look, Patty stumbled on the rocky pavement, letting out an effortless giggle. Justin turned to see this beautiful bride making her way towards him. He gave a wave and a smile, excited to see his soon to be bride.

At dinner Patty thanked their family and friends for attending their wedding. And for the love and support they have received throughout their relationship. Patty and Justin raised their glasses in appreciation for everyone who was there celebrating with them. And just like that, Patty let out a little giggle and smiled ear to ear.

To sign Justin & Patty's guestbook and be notified when their images are available, click here.




Venue | Linekin Bay Resort

Photographer | Deborah Zoe Photo

Baker | Good Eats Boutique

Entertainment | Greg of Northeast DJs

A Preview of Justin & Patty's Wedding at Linekin Bay Resort in Boothbay, Maine

I am so excited to share this wedding with you later this week! But for now, just a sneak peek of what's to come. Come back on Friday for Patty and Justin's full wedding post. Enjoy!


Wes & Emily's Wedding at The Newagen Seaside Inn

The day started off with a cool breeze and a soft mist gently floating off of the water. Family and friends chatted together as they prepared the tent and ceremony site. A person commented that it was like they had just stepped into "Dirty Dancing". It was just that kind of perfect. A perfect New England day. With tears in her eyes, Emily confessed her love to Wes as they said "I Do" under an arch made by her father. As they walked back down the aisle, they pulled each other in close as if to savor their very first moments as husband and wife. Their day was filled with these moments that said, "I love you" and friends and family were there to share in each one. It was just that kind of perfect.

My friend and second shooter, Coco, grabbed these images as Emily arrived to the ceremony by boat! (Wes is a Marine Patrol officer so it was only fitting that she was transported to the wedding by Marine Patrol!)

Coco's view of the wedding.

Coco took this image on the left of Wes and Emily dancing to their first dance, I love it!

Coco also caught this moment between Emily and here dad, so sweet:)




Venue | Newagen Seaside Inn

Photographer | Deborah Zoe

Dress | Andrea's Bridal

Hair | Bonnie from Bonnie's A Cut Above

Make Up | Cynthia of From This Day Forward

Florist |Jessica of Always and Forever

Baker | Carrie of Fields of Cake

Entertainment | Corey of DEEP Productions

A Preview of Wes & Emily's Wedding at The Newagen Seaside Inn

I cannot wait to share with you more from Wes and Emily's beautiful coastal Maine wedding at the Newagen Seaside Inn this past weekend! I mean c'mon, she arrived to the ceremony by boat! Does it get more New England than that? For no here's just a tease of what's to come later this week. Enjoy!


Our Trip To Napa: The ShootThisNotThat Wedding

Two things. If you ever have the chance to go to Napa, do it. And if you ever have the chance to work with Summer, double do it. Summer put on an amazing workshop, an experience that I will never forget. From all the other attendees turned new friends, to the knowledge she bestowed up on us, to the amazing details she pulled together for us to photograph, the ShootThisNotThat workshop, in short, was epic. I left our time in Napa, refreshed and excited. I learned so much from Summer and I am so grateful to her for taking the time to instill in us all the knowledge that she is so passionate about. And I know that you are dying to see all the eye candy from our trip and all the details that Summer pulled together. So here goes:)!

We'll start off with the beautiful location, Scribe Winery. This place is a photographer's dream. So many nooks and crannies to shoot and discover! It was an old bootlegger's home and hasn't been touched since they lived there. Gah.

Scribe winery looks out over their expansive property...their driveway is over a mile long! It made for a beautiful backdrop. And that furniture from One True Love Vintage just was icing on the cake!

Onto the details. Summer brought together the sweetest touches. I personally loved these numbered plates.

And the sweet spools of thread were adorable as well!I'm a sucker for a beautiful flowers and these bouquets from La Fleuriste did NOT disappoint!

Even the stationary was amazing. This suite was created by Mae Mae Paperie. Can I get married again?!

Onto our stinkin' cute couple. How adorable are they?!

Audrey and Stella Beauty did an amazing job with hair and make up and the Ivy and Aster dress provided by Lovely Bride was just perfection.

One of Summer's favorite sayings during the workshop was "When in doubt, blow it out". I'm laughing just thinking about it, BUT, I have to say that phrase really challenged me and the way I was shooting. I took a few more risks than I normally do when it comes to shooting. I over exposed, I blew out the background, I let details go to highlight others. I'm pretty excited with the results and can't wait to continue to experiment!

So the color theme of the mock wedding was neon yellow with touches of pink. I how amazing was it then that the winery had this bright yellow door?!

After shooting up at the main building we took a quick walk over to the hacienda.

After a LONG day of shooting we were all pretty tired and hungry. Summer along with the ladies at The Collection (learn more about then tomorrow) and Scribe Winery, hosted a wine dinner for all the workshop attendees, their significant others and any one else involved in the workshop. It was nothing less than amazing. The dinner was catered by Barbara Llewellyn with linens provided by La Tavola. Great food, great wine, great company. What a wonderful way to end the day!!

Tomorrow: All the behind the scenes goodness of the workshop... stay tuned!