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10 in 2010 | Update

Back in January, instead of making resolutions I decided to make a list of 10 thing I wanted to try and accomplish this year. You can read the full list here. I knew that writing things down and making a list was helpful, but I never thought that I would be checking off these items in such a quick time! A lot has happened in the past three months in regards to this list so I thought I'd give an update: what I've accomplished, what I am continuing to accomplish and what I hope to accomplish in the next few months.

My goal of running several 5k's is underway! I've signed up for two 5k's back to back for the next two weekends. The first one next weekend, Laura's Starlight Fun Walk/Run in and then the biggy, the B.A.A  5k. I'm really nervous but so excited at the same time. I'm hoping to be able to accomplish these runs in good time. But mostly I'll be proud to cross the finish line. Especially the Boston Marathon finish line which is where the B.A.A. 5k ends!

I've grown in my desire for book reading. I've never been an avid book reader and I am aiming to read a lot more this year. My goal was to read one book every two months. I'm averaging one book every month. Not bad huh?!:) Here are three books I've read this year so far:

In the next few months I hope to read:

A little bit more business related and I am beyond excited to read them!

Stephanie's wedding is fast approaching! I had the chance to shoot her engagement session up in Portsmouth, picked out bridesmaid dresses and suits for the wedding, attended bridal fairs, and more! I'm so excited for these two!:) Marriage is pretty awesome!

In these past three months I've also had an opportunity to meet a bunch of other photographers, some here in Massachusetts and others across the country. I am so grateful for building these relationships. I'm so grateful for other people who are willing to invest, share and encourage others. I hope I can do the same!