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Wedding Love: The Engagement Session


So, you're in love and you're wearing this beautiful ring to declare it to the world:) Congratulations! Having enjoyed my time as fiance, I know how special and wonderful this period of life is. The anticipation of being Mr. and Mrs., the dreaming of the rest of your life together. It is all so wonderful!

These exact reasons could be why I love engagement sessions so much. Who wouldn't want to photograph people madly in love? Nothing compares to being able to document this period of life for people. You'll look back on your engagement session years down the road and be reminded of this wonderful time of your life together.

Another reason why I absolutely love engagement sessions is that I get the opportunity to work with couples one on one before the wedding day.  This time together allows me to develop a level of trust with my couples and puts them at ease in front of the camera. I also get to know my couples better, watch how they interact with one another, learn little details about their life and find the quirky nuances that make them who they are. Come the wedding day, their images are that much better because they've been able to relax in front of the camera. I'm not a stranger shooting their wedding but someone they trust. This why I encourage all my couples to invest in an engagement session.

Some things to consider when thinking about an engagement session:

* Location, location, location. Engagement shoots can be taken anywhere. From downtown Boston, to the seacoast, to a quaint bookstore, to an alleyway, think outside the box, let's get creative! Think about places that have special meaning to you as a couple, places that reflect the uniqueness that is you. So, if your first date was at your now favorite bookstore, let's head there. The options are endless!

*Fashion, because I just can't call it clothing. We all have our own style. So don't be afraid to rock out your style for your session. However, take moment to consider a few of these suggestions. If at all possible try to stay away from white. Color and patterns are great, as long as they look good together and match. Small intricate patterns may not mesh well together with others. A bright orange shirt may not work to well with a bright yellow shirt etc. Also remember that the more comfortable you are, the more relaxed you will be. So if you absolutely have to model those awesome purple pumps you bought just days before, bring a pair of flip flops to wear in between shots!

Guys have it pretty easy when it comes to dressing for a session. He should dress accordingly to the outfit of his fiance. So, if his lady is wearing a little black dress and high heals, then a dress shirt and tie might be called for.

Finally dress for your location. If you are heading to Fenway Park, baseball shirts and jeans might be appropriate. If your lounging at the beach then shorts and flip flops might be more your style.

* Timing. The best and most flattering light is the golden hour, which is the first and last hours of sunlight during the day. With softer light and a warmer hue people look their best during this time of day.  The I like to schedule engagement sessions an hour or two after sunrise or before sunset to take advantage of this yummy light!

* What to bring. Definitely bring an outfit change and like mentioned earlier, possibly a comfortable pair of shoes like flip flops or sneakers if you are planning on wearing heels. You might also consider bringing a sign reading Thank You or your wedding date if you are planning to use the images for thank you cards or save the dates. A bag of extra makeup to touch up is always helpful. And girls don't forget hair accessories, especially you ladies with bangs. Bobby pins are usually the best as they can hide easily in your hair. Nothing is worse than having that one stray hair dangling on your forehead! Dogs, are welcomed to engagement sessions as well (as long as the location allows them) What better way to personalize your session than with your furry little friend? Props such as books are also a great way to add little touches to make the images more uniquely you.

Remember the engagement sessions is all about you! It's a special time for just the two of you to focus on each other. I'll loosely pose you but mostly I just want you to interact together, to enjoy one another and have fun!