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Isla's Ninth & Tenth Month

Yup, it happened… I missed sharing a month in Isla’s First Year. Navigating two kids, running a business and surviving the fall (the craziest time of year for wedding vendors) it was bound to happen. So I thought I’ll just combine the two and give you a two month recap!!

Honestly, these posts are mostly just for me. Long after the first year has come and gone, it is a real treat to look back on these posts and reminisce about all the changes, milestones and achievements a little one makes in their first year of life. it is an accomplishment to survive the year as a parent and it’s a reminder to me of all we have accomplished as parents, too.

This fall lots of physical changes happened for little Ms. Isla. She’s changing so quickly now and is so much more aware of all that is going on around her. She still loves her brother and thinks he is the funniest guy around. I sure hope that their friendship stays this strong for the rest of their lives, it is a JOY to watch them together.

Alright, so let’s recap some highlights of the last two months!!

  • Isla is ALMOST crawling. She's made leaps and bounds in her crawling game and is just about there.

  • Recently, at the end of her 10th month, she’s started sitting up from laying on the ground and is SO PROUD of herself. Every time she sits up from a lying position she smiles and giggles to herself. Adorable!!

  • She still giggles after she sneezes, just like her Mom!!

  • She helped me survive a week of parenting by myself while Daddy was away for work!!

  • She is mastering her pinching skills and can now successfully get a puff from tray into her mouth.

  • She still loves food, ALL THE FOOD. Everything except oatmeal, HA!!

  • We’ve had a few health questions arise over the last two months. On Friday she will be seeing a cardiologist to have an ultrasound of her heart. We’re pretty sure everything is a-ok, but it’s been stressful to say the least.

  • She still only has two teeth!!! But drools like it’s her JOB.

  • She’s currently sitting up in her crib as I write this — such a big girl thing!!

  • She still holds her hands together in front of her, clasp together like she’s praying. It’s one of my favorite thing that she does and I’m so glad it’s stuck around!!

  • Isla loves playing shy. She’s not afraid to make eye contact and smile at folks. When they say hi back, she digs her face into my shoulder and pretends to be shy, it is is the SWEETEST.

  • I still am working from home with her and have chosen this year to work during naps instead of sending her to daycare. Totally different than what I did with Jonathan and I have lots of feelings about it. Maybe I’ll share more about that sometime.

  • She still takes two solid naps during the day — COMPLETELY different than Jonathan. It is as glorious as it sounds.

  • AND JUST TODAY she pulled herself up in her crib for the first time!!!

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