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Isla's Third Month

It's been three months since Isla Girl made her appearance into this world and it's becoming harder and harder to imagine what life was like before her. Yesterday, at my parent's house, I looked a picture from a vacation we took together when Jonathan was three. It was just the five of us. How rich and and full our lives are now with our darling baby girl. Adored by her grandparents, her brother and of course Dave and I, she makes each moment together so, so, sweet!!

Month Three has been full of lots of wonderful growth for our little lady -- she's so strong and it makes me SO proud!! My Mom keeps saying that she can't wait to keep up with her older brother. She wants to upright, facing forward, to see all the things that are happening around her. She is fascinated by faces, especially Jonathan's, and it's the sweetest thing to see their bond forming. We painted Jonathan's bedroom and so for the past two nights he's been sleeping in our room. Last night he woke up in the middle of the night as Isla was stirring and whimpering a little. Jonathan asked in the cutest voice ever, "Can she come cuddle with me?" Instant heart melt!!

Here are highlights her third month :

  • If you've been following along with these monthly updates you know that Isla HATES the pacifier, so finding ways to soothe her aside from ME have been few and far between. She recently started sucking on her hands and thumb and have given us a few moments before we need to scoop her up.

  • Speaking of her hands, she LOVES them!! She loves sticking them high in the sky and holding on to her fingers. She loves to grab onto things (like my shirt when she's feeding) and your fingers and basically anything within her reach.

  • She loves talking with her "friends", the little toys that hang from her play gym. She has the cutest little voice (and laugh) and gosh I couldn't be more in love!!

  • Isla's personality has definitely started to make a presence. She still is a quiet soul, so would rather observe. But at the same time she's started to talk more and more. We think she might like music too because if anyone is singing or music is playing, that is the time she is the most vocal!!

  • She loves making eye contact with you and one of my favorite things to do is to look her in the eyes, smile as big and wide as I can and watch her as her face lights up and she gives me this huge toothless grin. Isla definitely smiles with her eyes!!

  • Speaking of her eyes, they are still blue!! I hope that we'll have a blue eyed baby girl on our hands!!

  • People are constantly asking me if she had red hair -- I think so!!! She's got this peach fuzz of golden hued hair and I am hoping and praying that she'll have red hair just like her Momma!!

  • Around 10-11 weeks Isla started sleeping from around 10:00pm (after her last feed) to around 6:30am. Minus a few nights where she woke up in the middle of the night, she's been pretty reliable and we couldn't be more grateful!!

  • I think the thing I've noticed most this month is Isla is looking less and less like a newborn and more like a baby!! She likes to sit up, her back and neck muscles are getting stronger. Her face and belly and legs are all filling out!! She's still a petite girl in terms of weight, but her length, oh her length!! She's SO LONG!!

  • I'm happy to say that her cheek game is still strong - big ole cheeks that are oh so kissable!!

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