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Our 10th Anniversary Trip to the United Kingdom : Scotland Part 2

I've been trying and trying to narrow down my favorites from our recent trip to the UK -- Scotland is proving to be extraordinarily hard!! I just cannot pair down the amount of beauty we experienced, there's just SO much to share!! Instead of the planned single post, I've broken up our trip to Scotland into two postings, the first being today!!

(If you'd like to see PART I of our 10th Anniversary Trip to the United Kingdom, click here.)

We started our journey in Scotland by arriving via the super speed train from London to Edinburgh's Waterloo Station. Immediately upon arriving street level we heard bag pipes playing in the distance. Talk about perfection!! Edinburgh is just as you might imagine, filled with character and history. We adored Edinburgh, the sandstone buildings, the medieval history, the people, the charm. We had been told that Edinburgh is a unique and magical place and it was incredible to experience it first hand. 

Following our first night in the city we set out to the Isle of Skye and the Scottish Highlands via Rabbies Trail Burners. I cannot speak more highly of this company and our experience with Rabbies (you can read my quick review here). What followed were three days of beautiful scenery, history and Scottish charm. It left such an impression on us and we absolutely cannot wait to return. The Isle of Skye in particular is like a different world and we loved exploring the popular (and off the beaten track) scenic vistas. 

In today's post I'll be sharing a bit of Ediburgh Castle long with the first half of our trip to the Highlands (you'll even catch our first sighting of a "hairy heilan coo"!!) In PART III I'll share more of the Highlands and finish out our trip to lovely Scotland. When can we go back?!

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