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Rebranding Part 1 : Why The New Look?

When I shared with people that I was in the process of rebranding over the winter often the first question I received was, “Why? I love the look of your current brand!” And I did too! Tara of Stupendous Design had created a beautiful logo and look and feel that had served me well for almost five years. So why change? 

A lot can happen to a person in five years. I went from newbie business owner to first time Mom, moved to a new town and entered my thirties. There was a lot of transition within these past five years and simultaneously, growth. I wanted a coherent brand that represented the person I am today and clearly communicated the direction I desire my business to go. 

I am a mix of many things : photographer, entrepreneur, Mom, wife. I’m passionate about family, celebrating connection and encouraging woman who are growing their business and their family. I feel that the new brand is a beautiful mix of the things that make me the artist I am today.

One of the best compliments I have received from our launch two weeks ago is : “It’s just DEB.” Hearing that makes my heart swell — we worked hard to choose colors, design elements, images and words that clearly communicated what this business stands for. To receive feedback that we’ve done just that makes me so proud. Really, Kathryn did all the hard work -- I’ll forever be grateful for what she created here.

Next week in Rebranding Part 2 I’ll be sharing some of the details behind the new look, including the very personal and sentimental meaning behind DZP’s new logo!! Thank you again to everyone who has shared their support throughout this process, it's been incredibly encouraging!!