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Running, Running, Running

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Training For My First Half Marathon

For the past month or so I've been training for my very first half marathon. And while I've told a few people I've kept it mostly to myself. Partly out of embarrassment and partly out of disbelief. I've always liked to run but I've never considered myself a runner, the farther distance I've run being a 10k (which is 6.2 miles). Not a short distance but nothing quite like a half marathon distance. It wasn't until my college roommate Julie, who got into endurance and distance running following school, ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon that I even started considering running that sort of distance.  

The race is held in February, and last February I found myself seven months pregnant and in no condition to run, at all. Prenatal yoga was all my body would allow and so I put my bucket list dream of running a half marathon on the shelf. After Jonathan was born I started to think about running again and what my body might allow me to do. I had gone nine months without running and was terrified to get back out on the road. Could I do it after baby? Could I find time to train while running a business? Could I run with Jonathan, would it be safe for him? All of these questions ran through my mind and to all of which my husband answered, "YES YOU CAN." And so for my 30th birthday (as an early present) with the blessing of my hubby, I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon this coming February, (the race just happens to fall on my actual birthday too)! It hasn't been easy but with the support of a great husband, a loving family and friends to run with I've some how managed to find the time to run, and actually enjoy every minute of it.  

This past Monday I ran a qualifying race for the half, the Tufts 10k For Women. This is the third time I've run this race and it sure is an exciting one to do. Surrounded by THOUSANDS of other woman, I ran the streets of Boston with the biggest smile on my face. The biggest of course when I would get to see my husband and baby cheering me on. I thought about why I was running...To make a certain time? To prove I was good? To brag to others that I did it? No. I ran for my baby, for the pure joy of being able to run again and for the joy it is to set a goal and work towards it. When I crossed that finish line I couldn't stop smiling. I even did something I never do and raised my hands at the end and cheered. I felt like a dweeb but I couldn't help it! Monday was a victory of sorts for me. Five months following the birth of our child (including a last minute c-section), I ran a 10k and finished strong. I was proud of what my body could do and proud of myself for sticking to my goal. I can only imagine how I will feel in February when I cross that finish line. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 11.25.01 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 11.25.01 AM.jpg

So with that, I'm training for a half marathon, a distance I never thought I would ever train for. And despite my worry of what others might think and my fear of falling short, I'm putting it out there because I am going to finish and I am going to accomplish my bucket list goal. All while wearing a tutu in the happiest place on Earth. Right? RIGHT! In the next few months I hope to share a little bit more about how the training is going and of course ask the most important question : What character should I dress as?! But for now I'll leave you with some pictures of the best cheering squad around, my family!!