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The Art of Balance

Life At Home As A New Mom

Jonathan will be two weeks old tomorrow. Dave heads back to work on Wednesday. And life as a new mom truly begins later this week. It's been a surreal past two weeks as we've learned what it's like to have life with a newborn. I'll admit for me that it's been an emotional rollar coaster. Emotional in the sense that I am just overwhelmed with gratefulness for this little man and simultaneously terrified about anything that could harm him. My days are filled with ups and downs. Pure joy when my little man coos at me. Filled with uncertainty and anxiety when we put him down to bed. I'm sure all Moms can relate to this balance between joy in their little one and a severe protectiveness for their child.  

Maya came home this weekend after spending a LONG "vacation" with Dave's parents at what we loving refer to as the lake house;). She's not quite sure what to make of this snorting, grunting, pooping, crying "thing" now hanging out in "her" house. More transitions to figure out. I guess that is what life will be like for a while now, figuring out transitions.  

I'm pretty emotional thinking about Dave going back to work. I wish he could be here forever and our family could hang out and watch Game of Thrones and Better Off Ted all day long. But I know that's not reality. I will miss this time we've had together. It has been amazingly precious. My love for my husband has grown exponentially in the last two weeks. He has been nothing short of incredible and it's AMAZING to watch him grow as a Dad. 

life at home with jonathan.jpg

life at home with jonathan.jpg

Life as a family of three seems just right. And while there is so much to figure out in terms of day to day life, I'm so happy that this is our life right now. Baby grunts, farts, coos and all.