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Mike & Monica Married


A North Shore Wedding

Over the weekend long time friends of ours, Mike and Monica tied the knot. I remember when I first met Mike, long before he ever met Monica. I remember talking about girls, past relationships and his hope for "finding the one." Several months later a fiesty Colombian entered his life and he would never be the same. Mike and Monica are the ying to each other's yang. They compliment one another perfectly. Monica brings the zest for life while Mike balances out her energy. Surrounded by their close friends and family Mike and Monica promised to love, honor and cherish one another come what may. And while I was shooting the wedding, I couldn't help buy cry happy tears for our two friends. 

Mike and Monica, welcome to the club;)! Marriage is an adventure, hold on tight and enjoy every minute! We're so excited for you guys and what the future holds! Felicidades! 

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Monica's parents blessed their daughter before she left for the ceremony. 

My good friend Erin joined me for the day and started with the guys as they got ready. 

Mike and Monica wrote their own vows. They were filled with tears... 

And laughter! 

Married! My view of the first kiss and Erin's. 

A bubble exit! 

Off to the reception! 

Monica is simply stunning. 

They sure did have a fun bridal party! 

A few more intimate portraits. 

Time to party! 

The father daughter dance was so special! 

The dance floor opened and the tables cleared! 

Oh gosh internet, that is my HUSBAND. 

Don't hate, he's got moves;)! 

Sorry guys, I had to post, this was to awesome! 

Monica's nephew Christopher danced a solo to Smooth Criminal... oh hey MINI MICHAEL! 

I'll end with their beautiful rings!