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Why Wedding Albums Matter

The Importance of Your Album

I've mentioned it before, but I believe it deserves to be repeated again and again. Wedding albums are important. In a world that values the NOW instead of the past, present and future, it seems like wedding albums are becoming less and less important to couples getting married. Once they have their images they store them away, sometimes never even printing them. These images are never experienced, never shared. They stay on a cd or harddrive and that is where they live. In short, these images are never ENJOYED. 
But as your wedding photographer that is NOT what I have in mind as I document your love story. 
I envision a beautifully bound wedding album engraved with your names and your favorite picture. I envision you anxiously awaiting that precious package, your wedding album, to be delivered to your doorstep. I see you rushing to meet the mailman and ripping open that box to then patiently eagerly awaiting for your husband to get home. I see each of you sitting at your couch, glass of wine in hand, ready to experience your wedding day again, together. I see you as you meticulously examine each page, laughing at each memory and reconnecting with each other. I envision you sharing your album with your children, your family, your friends. I envision you sharing your legacy of love. 
As I document your love story, I envision what your wedding album will mean you. 
Abby and Devin's wedding album arrived last week. And as I flipped through it's pages, I was reminded WHY I feel so passionately about wedding albums. I was reminded that THEY ARE IMPORTANT. And it's not just because of their beautiful craftsmanship, their quality, or their design. Because to me, and to you, it's more than just images on a page. It's an experience, it's a memory, it's an heirloom. Your wedding album is something to be shared, to be enjoyed and to be treasured. Every time you open the pages of your album, you are transported back to that day, your guests. Every time you open the pages of your album you relive your first dance, the toasts and exactly how you felt that day. 
Isn't that worth the time, the effort and the investment? You bet. 
Here are a few pages from Abby and Devin's wedding album. I hope you can relive your day for years to come!