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A New Look for Deborah Zoe Photo

So you might have noticed that things look a little different around here! Well, two weeks ago I launched the new and improved . It was a LONG time coming. Earlier this year I contacted my good friend and talented designer, Tara of Stupendous Design to see if she was interested in working together to create a new look and feel for Deborah Zoe Photo. Tara had created the original logo for my business almost three years ago. I loved what she created and it served me well. It gave me a professional look and something to lean on as a budding professional.

But as time went on, I realized that, while I liked they way the logo looked, it didn't really fit who I was becoming. I wanted something new, that connected with the photographer that I am today.

Well, Tara eagerly went to work, coming up with several designs for a logo. I wanted something that was fun, fresh, romantic and girly. This is what she created:

I think I screamed when I saw the first rough draft. I loved it! It completely fits me and my clients. We tweaked the font a little, played with the location of the heart, even down to the color of the gray font, to come up with the finished product above. Ah, swoon, I love love love it :)

From there we eagerly set out to rebrand my entire marketing collection from Thank You cards to business cards to letterheads and more. It's a lot of work and a lot of back and forth. I'm not one who can make decisions easily, so Tara's patience came in extra handy during this step of the process:)In the end, I finally felt like I had something that I was proud to give to potential clients.

Once that was all completed we began to tackle the web presence. This was the most important step in the brand revamp to me. I wanted my online presence to be professional and personal, acting like my own online storefront where visitors could not only see my work but to also get to know me. To begin, I created a design board and sent it off to Tara. It's a hodge podge all things that I love:

We tossed around ideas of love letters, Paris, romance, Robert Doisneau, and more. Well from there Tara, worked her magic. She took what I wanted, mixed it with things  that I love and then added her own splash of creativity to create something really unique. I wanted visitors to have an experience when they visited the site and to get a feel for who I am not only as a photographer but also a person and I think Tara understood exactly what I was looking for.

I truly LOVE the final outcome and couldn't be more thankful to Tara for all her hard work and for listening to all of my requests, anxieties and ramblings.

So there it is, the new and improved Deborah Zoe Photo. I hope that you will visit the site to learn more about me and who I am, to view the galleries and leave your feedback in the bottom right hand corner ;). If you'd like to learn more about the design process and detailed info on how we worked through the various stages, just shoot me an email, I'd be happy to chat about it with you!