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Random Five

Soooooo, I should probably be in bed instead of doing last minute packing and writing a blog post at the same time! We are leaving tomorrow morning for a long weekend of camping in Williamsburg with our very good friends Amy and Jon. It will be a guaranteed laugh fest. Every time I am with these two I enevitably laugh so hard my sides feel like they are about to burst. Times like that are just good for the soul I think. I come away from our trips to see Amy and Jon feeling to refreshed and well, just happy! Makes me wish they lived closer....

So, before I left the world of technology for FIVE DAYS!! (eeek) I thought I'd post five random images that I've taken in the past month or so with my new camera, 5d Mark II.

I promised a review when I first purchased the camera and now that I've been using it for over a month, I thought I'd share. I'm definitely no techie or camera junky, so my opinion of this body is strictly from a users perspective. I don't even know all the ins and outs of it yet, so I can really only comment on how it has been to shoot with it. I've only just begun to shoot video, but all I can say is WOWZERS.

There are tons of great features about this camera like, BEAUTIFUL color, great white balance and the full frame sensor. I also like the compact size of the camera and it's light weight. There are also things left to be desired such as VERY finicky focusing and a slow frame rate. My feelings at this point are a mix bag. Coming from a 1d Mark II, I'm used to awesome focusing and a amazingly fast frame rate. To say there was things to get used to about the 5d Mark II is an understatement.

All in all though, I love this camera, but as soon as the 5d Mark III hits stores I'll be all over that. (That is if Canon listens to it's customers and improves the areas where this camera lacks) Let's hope!