Newborn Collection

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What To Expect

Your session will last about 3 hours where we create a relax and stress free atmosphere for baby and parents. My shooting style is a mix of interactive and discreet. At times I'll help you feel at ease through direction and posing. Other times I will take a more documentarian approach, capturing moments just as they happen with very little interaction.  My approach is simple: tell the beautiful story of your family through emotive storytelling. I believe in the narrative power of photography and I am passionate about creating timeless images that will serve as your family’s history.

How To Prepare

A few things to consider as you prepare for your time in front of the camera:

  • Schedule professional hair & makeup appointments
    • I highly encourage ladies to have their hair and makeup professionally done. Hair and makeup stylists know how to enhance your best features, giving you an added boost of confidence in front of the camera.
  • For more information on In Home Session click here


When To Schedule

While newborn sessions can take place any point in those first few months, it's ideal to schedule within the first five after baby's arrival. Newborns change quickly - meaning your snuggly and sleepy baby will soon be active and awake in just the matter of a few weeks. We want to take advantage of longer sleep times and a baby who is content to stay wrapped in their parent's arms. Less stress for Mom & Dad, less stress for baby.


What To Wear



From hair & makeup artists to florists and boutiques, these creative team members can help you effortlessly bring together the details of your session for an unforgettable experience.