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Wear To Work

One of the BIGGEST challenges I have documenting weddings HAS to be knowing what to wear! How does one go about looking cute, matching the professionalism of their brand all while being comfortable and flexible enough to document a wedding?! Last year I had a horrible time dressing for weddings. I always felt so frumpy and mismatched and quite frankly was embarrassed to show up on a wedding day! I was determined this year to have a more polished and professional style when it came to dressing for a wedding day. I've scoured the malls, online, even thrift shops to find outfits, shoes and accessories that are stylish AND reasonable for working in. And do you know what I've discovered? There isn't a whole lot out there! Where are the working woman clothing lines? Where are the comfortable shoes that last all day that don't look like orthopedics?! Where are the tops and bottoms that don't make you sweat?! It. is. a. challenge. BUT I have made SOME headway in this area and I thought I'd share my discoveries with you in an effort to help us ALL dress better for weddings! Let's face it, we want to be cute, stylish and professional all while being comfortable. And while it's been a hard mix to find, here are some of my steals and deals that have actually passed the test!

the phoenix room newburyport wedding deborah zoe photography new england wedding photographer0005_007

the phoenix room newburyport wedding deborah zoe photography new england wedding photographer0005_007

It's May and that means it's starting to get hot! Gone are the days of sweat free, frizz free and makeup running free shooting! The summer months are always a challenge to dress for. But I find that a pair of pencil capris and a light top help to alleviate any signs of "running around like a mad woman!" First up are my cropped pants that I purchased in the winter from the Loft. With just the right amount of stretch I can easily move around. My top is from Talbots.  I usually wear some sort of color and this gold tone is the perfect muted shade. Hair is up with tear drop earrings from a wedding I was in! Finally the shoes are Cole Haan nude wedges. Cole Haan's have Nike Air technology in them which makes the shoes pretty comfortable and wearable all day. Since I was breaking them in, half of the day I was in my flats but I plan on wearing these as my go to wedding shoes! What do you wear on a wedding day? What makes you feel cute, professional AND comfortable? I'd love to hear!