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Life Captured : Meet the Wiederholtz Family

Last month Jenni contacted me to see if it would be possible to squeeze in a family session while I was up in North Conway photographing the wedding of Abby & Devin. They are close friends with the couple and were in town visiting for the weekend event. Of course I happily agreed and we had the most lovely of days for their session. Not a cloud was in the sky and while it was cold, it was a rather seasonably warm day up in the mountains! Add one of the happiest babies, ever and you have the recipe for one amazing family session!

This family has been through a lot this past year but on that Sunday it was the furthest thing from their mind. They wrapped their around their giggling daughter and stole knowing glances at each other. Jenni and Erik were happy to be together and happy for their healthy and unbelievably happy baby. All the cares of the past year slipped away as they spent the morning huddled together, stealing kisses from their daughter.

Jenni, Erik and Tove, can we do this again?! I had so much fun with you three and hope you enjoy your images as much as I enjoyed taking them! Here's to many more years of a happy, bubbly, little girl and a family full of love!

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We started the morning at North Conway lookout of Mount Washington. We had a perfectly CLEAR day with a full view of the mountain, you could even see the antennas at the observatory. For those of you familiar with the area, you'll know just how rare it is to have a view of Mount Washington without any cloud cover! It was beautiful!

Yay for mom and dad!

After the lookout we headed into downtown North Conway and made at stop at the railroad station.

Internet, meet the happiest baby that ever was!

Once her butt hit the ground she started to giggle uncontrollably and wiggle all around:)

Told you, happiest baby!

Our last stop was a covered bridge on the outskirts of town. The light was just wonderful!

Of course I had to get Jenni and Erik on their own too! (Don't worry, Tove was supervised :-P)

Erik makes Jenni laugh. A lot. :)

I'll end the session with one of my favorites!

Life Captured: Meet The Schmidts

Remember that time when we went to Chicago? We'll I'm finally getting the chance to blog some of it! Part of the reason for our trip was to visist my aunt and uncle. The second was to see our dear friends, TJ and Tricia, who you get to meet today! I feel like The Schmidts have become an honorary family on the Deborah Zoe Photo blog. I mean they've been featured on here over three times! First there was when Tricia was pregnant with their first baby Mason. Then of course Mason had to be featured in all his adorable newborn-ness which you can see here and here. And now their second precious baby, Julia, has her very own blog post (which she is graciously sharing with her brother;)). I love these four, so, so, SO, much and being able to send a few days with them at their new home made my heart incredibly happy. While I still wish they lived in Boston, being able to see them becoming settled and happy in their new life in Wisconsin makes me joyful:) Thanks goodness for things like Skype, Facebook and texting. Ya know, for those times when we just need to talk while shopping at Target. (And Tricia, I'm still waiting on my 4:30am wakeup call from Mason;)) So everyone, meet one of my favorite families, The Schmidts:)!