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Isla's Fourth Month

Well it's happened -- its month four and I've fallen behind on Isla's monthly update!! I'm only two weeks behind so I'm calling it a win ;) Getting anything done with a infant, 5 year old, and busy wedding season just beginning is giving a huge does of reality. Maternity leave is over and relearning that mommy/business balance is beginning all over again. Good thing these kiddos are cute!!

Month Four was certainly an exciting one and saw many developmental achievements for our little babe!! Lots of fun highlights to share :

  • Isla learned to roll over this month and gradually she has gotten stronger and stronger. Now, nearly every time I place her on the floor seconds later she's on her tummy looking at the world around her!!

  • She laughed for real this month and it is pure bliss. She has the BEST little giggle and I can't wait to hear it more in the coming months!!

  • She's still a little cooer and it's pretty much the best!!

  • We dedicated Isla this month with our immediate family in attendance. We all went out afterwards for lunch and well you can imagine the fun chaos that ensued with five kids under the age of 5 ;)

  • It was FINALLY warm enough to sit out on the deck and watch big brother play. Isla LOVES the sunshine, just like her Mommy!!

  • I'm pretty sure we can feel some teeth in there - there's certainly enough drool to make near hourly outfit changes necessary!!

  • Sleep is OK. Isla has an established bedtime of 6:30pm/7:00pm which is GREAT. The daily wakeup call of 4:30am, not so much.

  • The attic was finished this month which means that everyone, including Isla, spend a lot of time up here enjoy the soft carpeted floor and ample sun kissed spaces :)

  • We're pretty sure we see some red hair coming through, but WHO KNOWS?!

  • She's started to slowly bring things up to her mouth which is really fun to watch her do!!

  • Isla loves to sit up (with some help) and MUST see the world around her!!

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