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Isla's Second Month

My precious baby girl is TWO months old today!! TWO!! I'm sure I'll be saying this every month, but I simply cannot believe it!! I was telling Dave the other day that I cannot even believe I was pregnant, it feels like a dream. Nearly one year ago we were heading into Boston for my IUI, hoping and dreaming of growing our family. And even though that treatment failed, nearly a year later here we are holding our tiny miracle. It's too sweet. (I haven't share too much about our journey through infertility -- but if you'd like me to share more I will.)

We've quickly discovered the old adage that no two babies are alike to be completely true!! While in some ways she is similar Jonathan, Isla is a very different baby than he was. She doesn't seem to sleep the same, she doesn't eat the same and her personality is very different. Since we are nearly five years removed from the infant stage of parenting, it's been a learning curve to say the least!! Equally as amazing though, is how much her big brother loves her. To watch them interact, to see him loving her, to know that they will carry a special bond together for the rest of their lives is something I will cherish forever!!

Month two has been full of exciting milestones!! Here are highlights her second month :

  • Around week seven she start smiling and hasn't stopped since. Her smiles are wide toothless grins that can brighten anyone's day. Her Daddy says her smile can melt ice, it sure is melting our hearts!!

  • I told Dave to be gentle with Isla one night as he was changing her diaper. She's a delicate little flower I proclaimed. Immediately she let out the loudest fart imaginable. BABIES!!

  • She is quickly outgrowing all her three month clothes. With a slow start with her weight, every growth milestone we hit is a victory around here!!

  • This month Isla, Mommy and Jonathan survived a night on our own (with a TON of help from parents!!)

  • Around week six I started to wonder when I would start to hear her darling coos and I'm happy to say she is a cooing machine that warms my heart and makes me smile!!

  • Isla stayed with my parents for our first date post baby (if you don't count going to see Star Wars at two weeks postpartum ;)) We enjoyed the first part with her as we went out to breakfast then spent the afternoon at the movies. What a treat!!

  • She still doesn't take a paci - the other night she sucked on one for a few minutes and we nearly celebrated until it promptly was spat out of her mouth in disgust. Oh well!!

  • The only thing that is predictable in this little one's schedule is that she will sleep right after her morning feed -- for several hours!! And while I can't predict anything else, that morning nap is great for Mom!!

  • Sometimes if she has napped for a long time my arms will ache to hold her and feed her and keep her close <3

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