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Baby Parker #2 Is A ....

We're SO excited to share that Baby Parker is a GIRL!!! Dave and I found out a week and half ago during our anatomy scan (the big ultrasound they do during the middle of pregnancy to check the baby's organs and growth). We decided we had wanted to find out privately together to have time to process what the sonographer said. That ultrasound was a big milestone for we had been waiting for, for a long, long time. It was a real treat to find out together - after waiting for our miracle baby!!

This past weekend we invited family over for a BBQ to share the news with them!! We had been badgered by close family and friends alike for us to spill the beans (I would have done the same ;)) but we kept our lips sealed -- even Jonathan didn't know!! It was fun to get sprayed in silly string and reveal our baby's gender!!

The question we have been asked so far is do we have a name? And yes, we do. But we're going to sit on it for a while. It's a little different, but we keep coming back to it again and again. Maybe baby girl is trying to tell us something!!

I'm feeling great these days, though I'm missing my waistline. Baby Girl is kicking non stop and is always moving -- we're in trouble!! With each kick and movement I'm reminded of what a miracle this little girl and for how long we have prayed for her. I might be pregnant but definitely I'm feeling all the things!!

We took a short video clip of our reveal with family. Jonathan decided to start yelling at people to stop spraying silly string at him and his Mom -- our "perfect" little moment turned into real life, real fast -- hahaha. Oh memories. Jonathan is really excited for a sister. A few weeks back he changed his wish for a brother to a sister and has never looked back. He must have known!!

Baby Girl Parker is going to be surrounded by a loving clan of boys!! Here are the four cousins!!