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Tips From The Pros

As we near the end of a month long blog series created to help couples plan and prepare for the wedding day, I thought it would be lovely to hear from past DZP couples!! Today we're hearing from the PROS, couples who have planned and executed beautiful wedding days. They are sharing their best tips for those who are in the planning stages and they have some great advice to share!! Read on to gather your own nuggets of wisdom to apply to your wedding planning and wedding day. Take it away DZP pros!!

Bob & Carly

Try to relax and don't sweat the small stuff. It's easier said than done but at the end of the day, your wedding is going to be magical and uniquely yours. Enjoy the planning process as much as possible, and take advantage of people that offer to help!

Nicole & Jeremy

Try to be present and live in the moment on your wedding day. I know that may sound easy to do, but it can be difficult not to get wrapped up in all the formalities and obligations. Enjoy each other, enjoy the people who are there to share the love with you, and really celebrate.

Mark & Marlo

Set aside time for a first-look! It took me a while to convince Mark that a first-look was the way to go. He wanted to stick to tradition, and wait until the ceremony to see me. People were surprised when we told them that we would be seeing each other prior to the wedding, but it turned out to be the best choice! On top of getting some AMAZING pictures, we were able to have a few moments alone with each other on our wedding day. Once we got to the venue and our guests arrived, there was be very little time for any stolen moments, so I really cherished the opportunity that having a first-look gave us. 

Molly & Andrew

I think it is important to relax and reassure yourself that everything will work out and fall into place with the help of all of the vendors. It can be scary not knowing what everything will look like once it all comes together but knowing the vendors are professionals and will make everything perfect. 

Phoebe & Kevin

The best thing I could have done was select vendors who felt like family or friends, which made the day of the wedding really fun and relaxing overall. We felt surrounded by love and genuine good wishes because of the choices we made and have actually become friends with a lot of the people we worked with. Choose vendors that are genuine and have your best interest at heart, it will feel like you are hanging out with your best friends all day.

Sarah & Greg

My advice to future brides and grooms is to come up with a game plan for saying hello to everyone at the reception well in advance of the actual wedding day. Look at the seating chart closely, figure out where everyone is sitting and how you want to tackle it. We were kind of flying by the seat of our pants in saying hello to everyone and judging on who we were talking to, we spent a lot of time with some people and missed out on others. Also, if you are having a sweetheart table - make sure you understand where the location of it is! We were very much front and center and I think we would have preferred to be tucked away more.

Lauren & Marshall

My advice is the same as what multiple people told me. It is one day and it FLIES by so during the day take moments just you and your groom to breathe and take everything in. It's nice to step back together and see every decision you have been making for the past few months come to life and even better when you see all your loved ones in one room having a blast celebrating YOU! 

Andrew & Elizabeth

Be organized! Knowing exactly when and where we needed to be for pictures was KEY to making things run smoothly and efficiently during the cocktail hour and portrait time. Eat — Don't miss out on good food (especially yummy appetizers)!!

Angelica & Matthew

At one point during the reception, Matthew pulled me aside and made me just stop and look around the room. We still treasure the images in our memories of watching our favorite people in the world gathered in one place. The cake, the band, the flowers, and every detail you pour over for months will finally come together, and you should take a few minute to enjoy it. Mostly, you should enjoy one another. The whole weekend is a whirlwind, and you need to literally STEP BACK and savor it!