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Friends Weekend

weekend apple picking in new hampshire0020.JPG
A Weekend Away in New Hampshire

It has become a tradition (sort of) for our little "family". I call them family because I don't have any brother and sisters and to me they are family. I've known my dear friends Courtney and Liz since high school. We've seen our fair share of life together over these past years and I'm incredibly thankful for their sweet friendship. Made even sweeter at the fact that now married, our husbands are friends too!  
Last year we were able to sneak three days away in New Hampshire with all three couples (and a baby;))! This year my dear friend Courtney is expecting a little one of her own and the trek from Brooklyn to New Hampshire was just a little bit too much with their busy schedules. So next year we plan!! 
Not wanting to waste a perfectly good weekend, Liz and our hubbies decided to make use of a free and empty house on a lake, escpaing the city and everyday life, to head up North for a few days. Dave's parents are currently abroad (how glamourous!) jetsetting through Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Latvia. They were gracious enough to allow us use of their home and in return we made to feed the cats and eat all their candy;):)! 
Ben & Liz along with Dave, Jonathan and I, did a whole lot of NOTHING and it was glorious. We made delicious breakfasts, had way too many laughs, spent a day apple picking and exploring New Hampshire, discovered the best soft serve on the planet and took naps on the living room couch. In short it was a beautiful weekend spent with people we love and I'm so thankful for the few days we had to spend relaxing!!weekend apple picking in new hampshire0001.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0002.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0004.JPGThis kid has an arm on him... no one is safe when he has something in his hands;)!weekend apple picking in new hampshire0005.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0006.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0007.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0008.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0009.JPGLove these two!weekend apple picking in new hampshire0010.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0011.JPGThankful for auto settings on the camera so I could get a few pictures with these two:)!weekend apple picking in new hampshire0013.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0014.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0015.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0016.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0017.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0018.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0019.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0020.JPGweekend apple picking in new hampshire0021.JPGAw, look at how cute!!weekend apple picking in new hampshire0022.JPGThis was our attempt at cute;):)!!weekend apple picking in new hampshire0023.JPG