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October Self Portrait

A Life Update

I know that this month's self portrait is filed more with pictures of my son than it is of me. But that's how this month has gone. I'm grasping at every moment, trying to savor this little guy as he quite literally changes by the second. And to be honest this last month has been a whirlwind. I've hardly had time to breath let alone take a self portrait.  
It all started at the end of August when we moved into our new home, which we love by the way!! With a new home comes new responsibilities, projects and a never ending to do list. Add in a full fall wedding season and a little baby and I've been left with very little time. I'm not complaining though, as each moment of the last few months has been filled with things that I love and I'm so grateful for each facet of my life: my family, my baby, my job.  
2013-10-09_0001.jpg2013-10-09_0002.jpgEarlier this month I had a rare Saturday off and so we decided to make the most of it and create some fall memories with Jonathan by apple picking at our local orchard. I think he was most fascinated with the hay, but we fully enjoyed ourselves:).2013-10-09_0003.jpg2013-10-09_0004.jpg2013-10-09_0005.jpg2013-10-09_0006.jpg2013-10-09_0007.jpg2013-10-09_0008.jpg2013-10-09_0009.jpg2013-10-09_0010.jpg2013-10-09_0011.jpgBaby model, no?!;)2013-10-09_0012.jpgWith my second to last wedding of the year happening last weekend, our house situation secure and a new schedule with the babe, I know that our busy lives will be settling down soon. I'm looking forward to working on the house, decorating and creating a home, playing with Jonathan, going on a date (or two?) with the Hubby and just reconnecting with family and friends. But of course since I am a small business owner that means business never stops nor does my goals and dreams for it!! So even though we've been crazy busy, I'm still dreaming and goal planning for the months ahead. Which brings me to my Personal and Business goals for October!! Thanks for reading friends!! 
-- Purchase a rug and sofa for the living room 
-- Paint the down stairs accent walls, both bathrooms upstairs and an accent wall in my office 
-- Continue to pull together a wedding album for my mom (can I get this done this year?!) and print personal photos from our trip to Hawaii (THREE YEARS AGO) 
-- Hang up all remaining frames and artwork and finish putting all left over remnants from moving away 
-- Find a few new toys (or items around the house) for Jonathan, who as suddenly grown in a new phase of wanting to touch and explore everything 
-- Order a new sample wedding album 
-- Order a final sample engagement album 
-- Finalize my Welcome PDF for inquiring clients 
-- Work on a Welcome Website or Brochure for NEW clients 
-- Clean and organize my office, hang Gallery Wraps and frames 
-- Book two more weddings for 2014 
-- Submit all weddings and engagements from this year 
-- Finalize packaging for next year