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The Art of Balance


Inspire and Invite, Thoughts on Leadership

Inspire and Invite. Years ago our Pastor gave a sermon on leadership. He describe leadership like an invitation, inspiring people to greatness and then inviting them alongside you in what you are doing. Leadership isn't about a singular person, rather how a singular person can inspire a community to change the world collectively. It's an invitation of "Won't you join with me?" 

Lately I've been pondering about how I can change the way I think about leadership within my business and family. Am I inspiring others and inviting them alongside me? Am I working together with other people to not only better myself but to better the world around me?  

In my business I can lead my clients in how I interact with them, provide advice, council and inform. I can lead my clients by helping them make decisions and even making tough decisions for them. I can lead by listening to their needs and executing decisions to help make their lives and planning easier. I can inspire through my desire to see their marriage celebrated and succeed. 

When interacting with my peers I can lead by encouraging others in their own businesses and journey as entrepreneurs. I can invite others alongside in what I'm doing in hopes that as we inspire each other as we better the industry we're in. I can lead by choosing carefully what I share on the internet, on my blog, on Facebook and publicly. I can lead by a positive attitude, even if it's not the easiest choice.  

In my family I can inspire my husband to lead our family through my encouragement of his spirit and showing him how much I love him. I can lead my son by teaching him how to treat others with love and kindness and pray unceasingly that he grow to be a man of strong character. I can even lead my son in the way that I treat my husband, my family and my friends.  

I was struck last night as I thought about all these areas and asked the hard question if what I am currently doing is inspiring and inviting. It's not easy. I don't always lead well. I make mistakes and I often miss the mark. But I can truly say that I want to see other succeed, to dream and to work together to make a change in the world. Whether that's working with an industry peer or playing with my son on the floor, I can make choices every day to leave my little corner of the world better than when I left it.  



Are you inspiring and inviting?