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Jonathan's First Year


Month Four

So this post might be a few weeks late. Jonathan is now several weeks into his fourth month of life and I am just now getting around to documenting it all...But ain't it the way? After working all summer and moving and buying a new home I let his monthly picture fall to the wayside (I also had no idea where our iron was to iron on the number;))! But now that we are slowly settling in I stole a few moments to capture JP (as Dave likes to refer to him as) in all his four month old adorable-ness. 

This month had lots of first for Jonathan. His first hike, his first boat ride, his first hotel room. We traveled a lot, we moved, and he handled it all like a champ. He even slept for ten hours straight for the first time. Yesterday we had his four month doctor appointment and realized just how big and fast he is growing. I know we have a lot of firsts ahead of us but secretly I'm wishing time would just slow down. 

I might be biased but I think this kid is the bees knees. He melts my heart every morning when I greet him for his breakfast. It's not always easy, the fussy nights, the poopy diapers, the cries in the car. But when he looks at me and smiles, I just melt to the floor. I can't imagine our life without his sweet personality and the absolute joy that he brings to our home and to all those who he encounters. I just know that he'll grow to be man that draws people near and makes them feel loved. Sweet boy. 


So before I get even more mushy and gushy here is our Jonathan in his typical pose: wiggling on the floor with a big smile on his face. Hello four month old baby, where'd you come from?! If you'd like to see more, click here to see Jonathan's First Year month by month : Month One, Month Two, Month Three, Month Four, Month Five, Month Six, Month Seven, Month Eight, Month NineMonth Ten, and Month Eleven.