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Jonathan's First Year


Two Months Old

Sooooooo. Life has been crazy the past few days. I mean I don't know what day it is, is it morning or night? kind of crazy. There are some big things happening for our family right now (hopefully more to come soon! and no, we're not pregnant;)). It's taken our life and thrown it upside down. Needless to say I haven't had time to brush my teeth let alone even THINK about blogging!! And then when I did think about blogging I couldn't find the card with the images I needed. 

But hurrah! After a frantic search around the house I found Jonathan's two month old pictures to share with you here. And even though this blog post is late, random and probably the only one I'll be able to squeeze out this week I don't care! In fact I'm celebrating a little bit! Baby fed, emails replied too, diapers changed, blog post done, check, check, check and check. Life, even though you're trying, you won't stop me this week! 

Let's see, what has happened in Jonathan's second month of life? Well, this little goober has definitely found his smile AND laugh. He flirts with everyone in sight, including his own reflection. He has conversations exclusively with his Grammie (my mom) and Grandpa (Dave's Dad). He falls asleep in Grampie's (My Dad) arms and loves to be around his Grammie (Dave's Mom). He's certainly learning who his family is and absolutely loves being around them!! This month also marked his first days with his babysitter who he adores and new mobility in his legs. We're thinking about getting him a bouncer already because this kid just wants to move!  

I'm excited to see what the next few months bring not only for his development but for our family life as well. I'm excited to see what's coming but man o man is it going to take a lot of work and STRESS to get us there. Wish us luck and I promise I'll share more soon! 


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