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Jonathan's First Year


One Month Old

First, can we just talk about how adorable this baby boy is? I might certainly be biased but man does this little one melt my heart!! When my mom surprised me with these month onesies for my shower I could picture how fun it would be to document our baby's first year. But I had no idea how CUTE our baby would be!! Sheesh. Love him.  

So here we are, one month old. To be honest I kind of dreamed of this moment some time around week one. It had nothing to do with the late nights, the early feedings, the pooping, the crying or any of the typical newborn stuff. I was afraid. I was afraid that I'd break him, that I'd hurt him, that something would happen to our precious newborn. He was just so incredibly delicate those first few weeks and I found myself being scared half of the time and worrying the other. I couldn't wait for a time when I could just simply ENJOY our little man instead of incessantly worrying about him.  

And while I don't think that worry ever goes away, I can say that as the weeks have marched forward I have found more of a rhythm with our little guy. He's such a great baby. He takes a bottle, is an easy traveler (I mean we've already done our first over night!) and it has made my overstrung nerves begin to relax. My Dad kept saying to me, "Just enjoy him! Don't worry, you can't break him!:)" I've finally found that sweet spot.  

One month has brought so many changes I can hardly keep up. He's such a fun little baby, a baby who has already started to smile, coo, "roll over", and start sleeping just a little bit more. He's already been to the ocean, attended a wedding, enjoyed the city life and learned how to look at his mom to make her swoon in an instant. It's been such a sweet month. Man being a mom is all sorts of awesome.  

Here is Jonathan in all his one month glory. Go ahead, it's ok a swoon a little too;). 



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