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The Waiting Game

baby boy farm nursery deborah zoe photography boston wedding photographer0021.JPG

I 've been a bad blogger lately. Well, really it's not my fault! A week ago our city was in a state of chaos and this week, well this week I was SUPPOSED to be holding my newborn son. HA! Life always has a way of laughing in the face of your best laid plans! Because today I am still waiting to hold my son who is COMFORTABLY staying put. I have no new shoots to blog about, no new images to share. I made sure that my calendar was cleared for this period of life right now, fully expecting to be knee deep in diapers and spit up. And now I sit wondering what to do! 

For the past three days I've received notifications that our baby's due was here! And yet no baby. I never truly expected this to be such an emotionally hard period! I'm sure if you've never experienced this it can be easy to think that I should just suck it up. Go read a book, watch a movie, enjoy this time. And BEFORE I reached this point I felt the same exact way!! But as a very hormonal (STILL) pregnant woman, I can say that my heart goes out to anyone who has waited and waited and waited to meet their baby! 

BUT BUT BUT while we simply cannot wait to meet our little man and while this waiting period, this unknown, can be incredibly difficult, we are blessed. A happy, healthy baby and a happy, healthy Mama. After the events of last week I try to keep it all in perspective. I have my family, I have my legs, I have my hearing, I have my eye sight. The challenges my family faces are HAPPY ones. So while I pray for the quick arrival of our son I also earnestly pray for those who need a quick recovery and for those families for whom their babies won't be coming home.  

baby boy farm nursery deborah zoe photography boston wedding photographer00211.JPG

baby boy farm nursery deborah zoe photography boston wedding photographer00211.JPG

I hope you'll stick with me over the next few weeks as the blogging schedule might be a little off! (After all, who knows when this kid will come!)