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A Little Bit Of Honesty


Still Not Recovered

I have to admit, quite vulnerably, that this week has been tough. It began on Monday with the shock of the Boston Marathon bombings and continued with a LONG stressful day beginning with a doctor's appointment, a MINOR car accident, and then several hours spent at the hospital for monitoring. My blood pressure was through the roof!! Good news is that this baby is a ok (nothing like playing hangman to entertain yourself in the hospital for four hours to find out you're all ok!) To say that I've taken this week as a REST week would be an understatement. And now I feel like all I am doing is sitting around awaiting this kid's arrival. C'mon kiddo! 

It still feels "strange" to blog about weddings and engagements and business advice and all those things right now. So many of my friends are still trying to cope with what happened on Monday. And while they were not injured they are scarred emotionally and mentally. For those of you who may not live in the area of Boston you've most likely continue about your business and life. But here in Boston it seems as if time has stood still, with the news and everyone continuing to talk about the tragedy of Monday. I mean just this morning I watched 40 minute press conference from Boston Medical Center on the status of their patients. Try writing a witty blog post after that.  

I think for the rest of the week for my mental state and out of respect, I'll withhold from blogging. It pretty much goes against everything I've built this blog around (I mean I blog 4-5 times a week!). But truly I think that my time would be better spent reaching out to friends, praying for our city and keeping our baby safe:)!  

So I hope you'll stick with me over these next few weeks as our family awaits our baby's arrival and as we as a city, state and region grieve a little. I grew up in Massachusetts, I went to school in Boston and we decided to live just outside the city for the past seven years now. Our community as a whole feels this all very strongly. But if there is one thing that I've seen form this tragedy is that there is GOOD in the world, despite what anyone might try to prove otherwise. Good, good, good.  

Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll be back here soon!!