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9 Months Later

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A Recap On Pregnancy

Yesterday Dave drove me up to New Hampshire to enjoy an afternoon at the spa with my mother in law and sister in law. Everyone kept asking me when my due date is (it's a WEEK FROM TODAY folks!!!), how I was feeling and if things had started to get going yet. The short answer is NO. This baby boy is taking his sweet time making his way into the world. So for all those out there wondering, despite our best attempts to start labor with a glorious pedicure yesterday, I am still pregnant.  

It's hard to believe that this journey all started last July. It truly began when we found out in August, took a fun turn when we found out it was a boy in November and has SPED towards April. I really can't believe that in just days we will no longer be a family of two (and two animals) but a family of three. I'll be a Mom. Dave will be a Dad. Our life is about to go all topsy turvy! 

When I first found out I was pregnant I'll admit I ran the gamut of emotions. Elated, scared, shocked, SCARED, terrified, happy, excited, overwhelmed. All of these feelings, thoughts and emotions ran throughout my body, heart and mind in a matter of minutes. I didn't know what to think. But as Dave and I prayed and lived through the news together our hearts melted into love for this little being growing inside of me. And what was was once just a SMALL little being has turned into a acrobatic baby in my belly.  

I wasn't sure how being pregnant would affect our life. Especially for me as I run my own business and work from home. Would I still be able to work? Would I still be able to shoot weddings? Would I still be able to do what I love? And the short answer has been yes!! Much to my surprise I was able to accomplish every goal, shoot, and (MOSTLY) write every blog post I set my mind to. I was able to do these things well and while it wasn't always easy it was doable. I look back on these last nine (nearing ten!) months astonished at the opportunities God presented to me as pregnant woman and how He has been faithful to keep our growing baby and I healthy through this whole journey.  

As I write this post and think about the upcoming days, weeks and months of our lives I find myself reliving those first emotions I felt when we found out we were pregnant. Elated, scared, shocked, SCARED, terrified, happy, excited, overwhelmed. But as I work through those emotions, I am confident that just as God has walked with us through our pregnancy, He will walk with us through our first few months of parenthood and beyond. I'm excited to balance life as a working mom. I know it won't be easy, I know that there are sacrifices to be made. But I can't wait to share life doing what I love most : being a mom and being a photographer (oh and being a wife too;)).  

There are so many of you who have celebrated with us already and I am continually blown away by your love and support for this little dude you haven't even met yet. Your support and encouragement has inspired me to keep going, especially on the not so glamourous days of pregnancy. I love that my blog is a place to not only share beautiful images but life as well. I know that there will be LOTS more to celebrate and experience together as we enter this new phase and I'm excited to continue to walk through life together! 

To everyone who stops by once a week, every day or once in a blue moon, thank you. Thank you for your prayers, love, support and encouragement. And Little Baby Parker thanks you too! Here's to many more weddings, engagements, portraits, love and a growing family!! Who knows, we could be a family of three next Monday!!  



(*below are pictures from my arrival into the world. I was two months early, hence the cake plate on my head. I wonder what our little guy will look like!!)