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Marriage Mondays


Working Together As A Team

To be quite honest, until this morning I wasn't quite sure what I was going to write about. But after this weekend I knew I just had to share. This weekend not only marked my 38th week of being pregnant but it was also my last weekend of shooting before our little guy's arrival. On Friday I had an amazing engagement session over at MIT and on Sunday I had an ALL day styled shoot at Misselwood. If you know anything about being a photographer you know JUST how physically demanding shooting can be. And if you know anything about being pregnant you know just how physically demanding it can be ;).  

So Sunday was a challenging day. It required abdominal muscles (which I no longer have), energy and stamina. And having already had a session that same weekend, I was exhausted. But my husband knew this and graciously agreed to come along to help me through Sunday, even if it was just for moral support. He carried my bags, helped to move things, got me water and was just an overall awesome guy. I couldn't have made it through Sunday without him, but he allowed me to finish my season of shooting (before baby) strong! I couldn't be more grateful.  

Dave gave up his Sunday to be with me. To help his wife. He sacrificed so that I could accomplish my goals. There was nothing in this for him except to help his wife succeed. And I walked away from Sunday with an even more grateful heart for him. We truly worked together as a team (as we have this entire pregnancy), sacrificing for one another so that we could see each other thrive. And of course it got me thinking.  

Marriage works when we work together. And working together means that you sacrifice, work hard and love continually for the sake of another. When we choose something other than each other, other than our marriage, other than love, our marriage fails. But when we choose to work together our marriage thrives. It isn't always easy to put someone before yourself. It isn't easy to always be a team player. But after watching my husband graciously serve me and our baby with a smile on his face on Sunday, I saw just how teamwork plays out in a marriage and I saw how much it blessed us both.  



So I write this morning to encourage you to think together like a team. Sacrifice your time, your energy, your mind, your heart and your attention to your spouse. Work to put each other first. It won't always be easy or fun or be what you want to do, but it will always be worth it. Marriage isn't a one way street and it isn't just about one person. It's about two lives working together to see each other grow and thrive. And to me, that is what makes marriage beautiful!! Happy Monday friends!!