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Marriage Monday


A Husband's Perspective

Today I'm pretty darn excited to have MY husband Dave guest blogging for me!! I really wanted to capture a man's perspective of marriage and who better to ask than my own husband!! I had no idea what he was going to share, I mean he's been dealing with a very hormonal pregnant wife;), but I loved every word. That man sure is smart, and always puts things in the right perspective!  

Everyone, meet my adorable husband Dave! Here is his take on marriage these past seven years! 

"Debbie asked me to share about a "husband's perspective on marriage". I have to admit I feel a little under qualified but I will give it my best shot. 

The first thing I would like to share is that marriage is great. Marriage is sharing your life and dreams with your best friend. Marriage is always having somebody with you through life's peaks and valleys. Someone to explore with. Someone to build with. Debbie and I have been through many adventures together. We've been to tropical islands. We've started a homeless outreach together. We've tried to eat at every spot we've seen on Phantom Gourmet. And now we're about to embark on attempting to raise a little baby boy to become a man. 

However, as great as marriage can be, it is not automatically wonderful. Sure at the start it seems just magically perfect but it doesn't take long for that to wear off. A great marriage requires hard work. In a great marriage two become one. And in order for the two to become one each of the original two must sacrifice their selfish desires for the betterment of the marriage. We spend almost all of our single lives working for ourselves. We try to figure out who we are. We learn what we like and dislike. We learn how to work to get what we want. A great marriage requires turning all of that upside down. In marriage we need to learn what our spouse likes and dislikes. Learn what makes our spouse feel loved and special. We need to spend our lives working to get what our spouses want. When two people are together, looking out for each other, nothing is better than that. 

I must admit that although we have not been married long it has been long enough that I cannot recall many of my specific expectations as we prepared to get married. I think one thing I did expect was that marriage was the culmination of our relationship, that we had succeeded. Boy was I wrong... it was only the beginning. I constantly need to remember to continue to "date" my wife and romance her and remind her how special she is to me. I am very blessed to be married to Debbie. Our marriage is not perfect. We've had rough patches. But because of God's grace we're always getting better, growing closer, increasing in how much we love each other. Marriage isn't always easy but is it always worth it." 

Thanks babe for sharing, I just love your heart!! 

Try this with YOUR spouse and see what you learn!! How has your spouse viewed your marriage the last month, year or ten years? What you can learn from your marriage so that you can be the best spouse to your partner?!