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Marriage Mondays


Let's Get Away!

When Dave and I were on our honeymoon we attended a timeshare talk. We really wanted the free couple's massage and thought the 30 minute talk and free breakfast were worth our time! We never intended to buy a timeshare and told the representative our intentions right from the start. But she was determined and gave us an hour explanation on why we needed to purchase a time share.  

Towards the end of that hour, when she realized that we were not budging. So she began by explaining that she was divorced and that if only she had gone on vacation with her husband that perhaps she wouldn't be. She didn't want that to happen to us and encouraged us to purchase a timeshare to ensure that our marriage wouldn't suffer such a fate. We were completely turned off and left the meeting with full bellies, a free massage and gratefulness that we were on our honeymoon. No divorce in sight.  

We told that story for YEARS explaining the audacity of this woman to imply that we might get divorced simply for not purchasing a time share. But time went on and the more I thought about what she was saying, the more value I could see in her position. By no means am I saying that I agree with her statement that divorce is imminent if you don't purchase a time share. How silly! However I saw a message behind her ridiculous statement. I think what this woman was trying to say, rather non eloquently, was that spending time with each other is important. 

Since the time we said "I Do" Dave and I have made a commitment, at least once a year, to get away from it all. Sometimes we've gone to exotic places and other times we've stayed close to home. Sometimes we've splurged on a great hotel while other times we've tried to spend as little as possible. No matter what our vacations have looked like the point is always the same : to spend time together.  

The stresses of everyday life can pull us away from our spouses or at least make it increasingly difficult to connect deeply with each other. Making time to spend together away from these things allows couples to clearly focus ON and have FUN with each other!! And who doesn't love having fun with their spouse? I know that the times we have dedicated to each other every year has not only created meaningful memories for us to share for years to come but has also drawn us close together. These times have been incredibly important to our relationship and marriage. 

Even if it is just for the day, a weekend, a few days, take time out this year to spend with each other. Stay at home or go on your dream vacation but make a point to focus on each other for a period of time. Have fun, make memories and watch your relationship grow!! What have been some of your favorite times with your spouse? What has been your greatest adventure in marriage so far? I'd love to hear! 



Below is a picture from our "honeymoon" to Hawaii! When we were first married we couldn't afford to make the big trip, even though it had been my DREAM to travel there. So we diligently spent the next four years saving our pennies so that we could make it happen. I'll never forget the night this photo was taken. Dancing under the stars in Hawaii with my husband feeling like a newlywed all over again. It was simply magical!! I can't wait to have many more times with him just like that!