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March Self Portrait


Yesterday morning was a bit of an exciting time. We headed into our 32 1/2 week appointment expecting a short visit. I've been blessed with a fairly smooth pregnancy so these check up appointments don't take up much time. Typically we get asked a bunch of questions and at the end of the visit we get to hear our baby boy's heart beat via a doppler. Well, this time our little dude had other plans! 

After listening for the heart beat via the doppler our doctor wasn't quite satisfied and hooked us up to the monitor. Let me tell you, nothing will rattle your nerves more than being hooked up to the monitor at 8am!! But not to worry, after 20 minutes they were quite satisfied with his heart pattern and let us go. PLUS we got to spend around forty minutes listening to his heart beat, Dave even recorded it on my phone! There truly is no better sound!! 

Pregnancy brings so many different things. From changes to your body, to fatigue, to a change in lifestyle and more. And so often it can be easy to take it all for granted. Especially when you feel as big as house. And while I don't need to be reminded of this, our little situation yesterday just confirmed for me that this baby is precious, a gift to be taken care of delicately. I am grateful for his health and protection.  

The little dude's refusal cooperate with the doppler just means he is stubborn. And clearly OUR child. Each week we inch closer and closer to meeting him. I can't believe that in seven weeks (or less) we'll be holding him in our arms! Till then I'll continue to crack away at my to do list! 

Here are my goals for March! 


-- Continue to have a healthy pregnancy 

-- Get the last few things of baby gear we need 

-- Finish our birthing classes and practice labor with Dave (sounds crazy I know!) 

-- Make Mom an album of our wedding! (still on this list three months later! 

-- Get the car cleaned up (it's a mess thanks to Mother Nature!) 

-- Finish some house projects before April  

-- Photograph the baby's room! 

-- Continue to teach Dave how to shoot! 


-- Coordinate a MAJOR project!! So vague, but you'll see more this spring! 

-- Update my website  

-- Update my packaging 

-- Continue to update my business manual 

-- Photograph my portrait and engagement sessions WELL (at 8 months pregnant :)) 

-- Send some equipment off to be cleaned/checked up 

-- Book two more weddings for the year 

-- Order two more sample albums 

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 9.17.41 AM.png

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 9.17.41 AM.png



deborah zoe photography deborah zoe blog self portrait series new england wedding photographer boston wedding photographer03.jpg

deborah zoe photography deborah zoe blog self portrait series new england wedding photographer boston wedding photographer03.jpg

And I realize I might have cheated a bit with the self portrait this month!! These were taken by my good friend Coco at our baby shower! I promise April HOPEFULLY will be the last of the pregnancy photos and will be taken by me... HARD TO BELIEVE!!!