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February Self Portrait


I probably sound like everyone else BUT is it truly February 1????? I simply can't believe it! January has just flown by!  

And because it's the start of a new month, I find myself once again taking a self portrait and thinking about my goals for the month. I truly cannot believe that our little dude will be arriving in just over two months. What? How did this happen? Where has the time gone? I feel like there is SO much to be done between now and then that suddenly, at times, I feel myself completely overwhelmed. But I am reminded of grace, that I have been equipped to do this and with the help of family, friends and God, I truly can make it through these beautiful but life changing next few months! 

When I started thinking about this self portrait series WAY back at the end of 2010 I thought of it purely as a way to challenge myself and to let my blog readers see what I looked like! But over the past year and especially the beginning of this year, it has morphed into something completely different. It forces me to slow down and examine just exactly what changes the previous month brought. I'm so grateful for an excuse to document my every growing tummy (even if I'm not entirely comfortable with that!) Because I know if I didn't I would let the time slip away. I would forget what I have been feeling these last few months and what I dream about for the months to come. These images truly stop time for me, and I will forever be grateful to have these images to look back on, especially after our babe is born (and I can hardly remember what it was like to be pregnant!) 

Carrying our baby has been such a special time for me, and of course my husband. But as a woman, I feel so blessed to be able to experience all that pregnancy brings. The good, the bad, and the large and in charge. I know it's just temporary, I know that soon I will no longer be able to feel my baby kicking away inside my belly. I know that this uncomfortable-ness that never goes away is temporary. I know that soon I'll be able to see my feet again (I hope!) I know that my cravings for chocolate and guacamole and tomato soup and bread from Not Your Average Joe's will soon dissipate (maybe). I know that part of me will miss being pregnant and these images will help me to remember just how amazing it was.  

So onward we go, into February. Here's what I'm looking forward to this month... 


-- Put together the baby's crib. 

-- Enjoy my birthday weekend celebrating with one of my best friends AND enjoy my baby shower! 

-- Put together a wedding album for my Mom's Birthday... which I haven't accomplished in almost seven years. 

-- Book a maternity portrait session FOR ME! (again on the list from last month... any takers?:)!) 

-- Attend at least two prenatal yoga classes this month AND work out at least twice a week. HOLD ME TO IT! 

-- Take a few pictures with Dave. I really want to document this time of life together.  

-- Stick to an every day schedule better AND WAKE UP WHEN MY ALARM GOES OFF! 


-- I'm SUPER excited about a little project I'm collaborating on with a fellow wedding photographer! This month I'd like to see all the pieces fall together! 

-- Order two new sample albums (this has been on the goal list for MONTHS... keep me accountable friends!) 

-- Rethink my Client Meeting packet and pull the pieces I need together (again this has also been on the list for MONTHS!)  

-- Continue to declutter the office and SIMPLIFY my systems. 

-- Book a few more weddings for the end of the year to round out my season. 

-- Budget for this upcoming year. I want to excel in this area of my business this year! 

-- move from to my email that I've had for almost a year but never made the switch too 

What do you want to accomplish this month? I'd love to hear!  

deborah zoe photography self portrait

deborah zoe photography self portrait