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The Art of Balance

Life After Baby

I've been asked by friends and strangers alike, "Will you continue to work after the baby comes?"  
And just to clarify for anyone who might still be wondering, YES, I will continue to work as a wedding photographer and small business owner AFTER the baby! I have a "full" season starting in July with weddings, engagements and portraits, and though it's not an entire year of weddings, in part to the baby's due date, I want my business to continue, to thrive and to succeed after he arrives! 
But of course this takes great planning! And an openness to that plan changing. By no means am I set on our idea of life after baby. Quite the opposite. We've never done this before, we have no idea what to expect. A baby could bring ANYTHING. So how exactly we go about doing this might look different, but the ultimate goal is for me to have a business that allows me to do what I love while giving me the space and freedom to raise a happy, healthy, baby.  
Baby Parker is due towards the end of April, which means he could come at the beginning of April or into May! As a baby who was born two months early, I truly understand that a baby's due date can be completely unpredictably! But if all goes well, we'll be expecting our bundle of joy this spring. 
Because I wanted some major time by myself with the hubster and with the baby I decided to take the equivalent of a maternity leave for the months of May and June (with the exception of two engagement sessions booked in there!) I knew that this period would be extremely important to help us get used to a baby, help the baby get onto a schedule (if we can) and just take some much needed time off to focus on our little family! 
What happens after that is where the challenge of scheduling begins. Because I have several weddings each month following June, I will need some dedicated time to focus on the business. That means we need to find someone to help us watch our little dude on the times that I just need to focus completely on the business. I want to make sure that when I am working, I am completely focused on the task at hand. And when I am with my little man, I am completely focused on him. Finding someone who can help us accomplish this will be incredibly important, especially during those peak wedding months.  
I have no idea what life with a baby and a growing business will bring. But I do know that I absolutely love my job and love my family. I am determined to continue to do both with a major heaping of grace on myself knowing that not everything will be perfect, but it will be worth it.  
If you're a mom and own your business I'd LOVE to hear how you handled the transition!! What tips and tricks did you find most helpful? Did you hire any child care to help you get things done? Help a mom to be out and share your story!!  
So here is the dealio. I'm pregnant. I'm due in April. I'm going to continue to work after the baby.  
And I need all the encouragement, grace and help a Mom can get!! :)wedding photographer life after baby deborah zoe photography