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Making Time For Friends

As a business owner who works from home most days my interaction with anyone or anything consists of Facebook, the guys at the post office and my dog who constantly whines for play time. And while I love my job and love the freedom that working from home allows me, there are days where I just crave REAL human interaction! I miss the days of walking into an office, chatting about LOST, complaining about our lunch options and talking about our day.  

So in this new period of business life I've had to work hard to make TIME to pull myself away from the computer and get together with other friends. There are so many excuses that I can make, but I know that a few hours away from the computer with good friends will do me FAR better than sitting on my bum answering emails all day and night.  

This week I've been lucky enough to have a few photographer lunch dates. It's been so good for my soul to see friends, to talk about life (and babies), eat good food and escape from work life, just for a bit. These relationships are supportive, encouraging and challenging. These friends push me to be a better person and photographer. I'm incredibly grateful for the relationships that been created over this past year.  

If you're a photographer who works from home or who works alone challenge yourself to make time for others this year. I promise you, it will be worth your time and your energy. Pushing ourselves and working hard is incredibly important. But it's also important to take time away from the computer too!  



So 2013, here's to a little more balance in life and a little more Chick-fil-A with good friends. :-P