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Wedding Love : Organizing The Big Day

I'm an over organizer. I organize every inch of my life, probably to the point of annoyance. I like organize EVERYTHING, admittedly because it gives me a sense of control. An unorganized junk drawer will drive me bananas. Speaking of which, ours needs some help... So at every wedding, without fail, you'll see me with my tan manila folder. The folder that I can't live without. This is the folder holds all the information I could ever possibly need in regards to your wedding day! It's wedding day organization central for me! It keeps me sane as the wedding day starts to swirl and helps me stay in control for my clients.

Two of the most important documents in that folder are the wedding timeline and the list of family portraits. I carry two copies of these documents, one for me and one for my second photographer. Throughout the day we are referencing these pieces of paper to make sure that we're on track and that were not missing a beat!

As you can see, it's very detailed, especially the timeline. Down to the hour and half hour I know exactly what is going on throughout the day. That way if you or your bridal party have any questions about when anything might be happening I can quickly let them know! It also helps us move quickly through different parts of the day, let's us know if something ran late and gives me an overall view of how your wedding day will look. I never leave home without this piece of paper.

When it comes to the family portraits, I'm just as organized. There are SO many people to keep track of that if I didn't have this list I have NO idea how we'd even accomplish getting this portion of the day done. I find that this makes our time together SO much more pleasant and things move much more smoothly and quickly. Before the wedding day, the bride and groom finalize this list and also include the names of all family members involved. From a customer service perspective, this is huge. Instead of rattling off "Mom, Dad, Brother" I can call out people's names, look them in the eye, and be PERSONABLE with them. This goes a LONG way to ensuring a GREAT time together during this part of the day!

So yes, I'm an over organizer. But I find that my bride and groom's would rather me OVER organize than not organize at all. It helps me to be a better photographer and gives you a better overall experience to know that everything is in control and taken care of! I'd love to hear from you if you're a past bride or if you're wedding is just around the corner! Did you find this to be helpful for your wedding? How can I help make your day run as smooth as possible?!

deborah zoe photography new england wedding photographer wedding timeline

deborah zoe photography new england wedding photographer wedding timeline