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Wedding Love : Consider An Uplugged Wedding

Have you considered having an unplugged wedding? In this day and age of technology overload perhaps it's even hard to consider this idea. How could you ask your guests to put down their cameras, their phones, their tablets. Is it possible? When Dave and I were married six years ago the idea of an unplugged wedding never crossed our mind. Mostly because the popularity of smart phones had not yet happened. We never had to worry about technology being a distracting factor in our wedding.

But today, as we know, it's a whole different story. People Myself are addicted to their smart phones. I don't think I could go an entire day without logging in, taking a picture or checking my email. And it doesn't just stop at work. Our addiction has crept into our every day lives, including weddings.

If you're considering an unplugged wedding, I highly suggest you check out this article. It's the most comprehensive article that I've read on this idea. As the author states, an unplugged wedding is not for everyone, but they do make a pretty strong argument as to why it's an important idea to think about when it comes to your wedding.

From a wedding photographer's perspective, I can tell you that I am a HUGE proponent of unplugged weddings. Some of the images in that article demonstrate the frustrations that we can deal with as photographers. Guests interfering with moments, guests getting in the images, guests standing in the aisle or in front of the photographer. It's pretty difficult to get emotional, meaningful images of your guests during your ceremony when their faces are hidden by an iPhone.

If you are worried about your guests interacting more with their phone or camera than with you, think about the ways that you can encourage them to put the technology down and enjoy the day!