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Goodbye 2012

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Bring On The New Year!!

I almost can't believe it... the last day in 2012?! It seems like YESTERDAY that I was reflecting on the year that was 2011 and thinking ahead to what 2012 might bring! And well, it brought a lot! I photographed 20 weddings, traveled to numerous states and one territory, formed some beautiful friendships, and oh yeah, found out we were pregnant! 2013 will definitely be the year of change for our little family but I'm overwhelmingly excited at all the possibilities the New Year will bring! 

Several years ago, one of my favorite photographer duos, Justin and Mary, posted a very simple but very powerful blog post reflecting on the year that was. They split the post up into three and titled them What Worked, What Didn't and What's Next. Little ole me was still in the beginning stages of my business and was blown away by the thoughtfulness and power in these posts! How could you NOT succeed when taking some dedicated time out to evaluate your life, business and past year.  

Two years later this practice as become an annual part of my business life. There truly is nothing better than taking some time out (at Starbucks of course...Skinny Decaf Peppermint Mocha for this mom to be please!) and taking a long hard look at what needs to change, what needs to stay the same and what will be new for your business in the New Year!  

I started my reflection at the beginning of December but have recently been encouraged to take a longer look at all these questions thanks to a new blog series by Lara Casey. Everything this lady touches turns to gold (and she has red hair AND the most adorable little baby girl) and I just simply love everything that she does! Especially when she gets those motivational blog posts going! Recently she challenged her readers to MAKE IT HAPPEN in 2013!!  

Ok I will! What Worked, What Didn't and What Fires You Up? are the questions that Lara has asked her readers to think about, and I would echo her challenge to you! This is the time of year that we are most reflective, so naturally this is the best time of year to take inventory on your life, your business, your family, whatever circle your life is and see what you are being challenged to think about, pray about and most importantly DO!  

This past Sunday at church Dave and I along with many others publicly thanked God for the ways in which He has changed us, challenged us and grown us this past year. We started the year asking God for something specific, something we didn't tell ANYONE about. And in August, that prayer and step of faith was answered in the positive pregnancy test I held in my hand. This year has been one of joy, sadness and difficulty, but we have been carried through, guided and nudged along. And I'm thankful for the period of reflection I am afforded to not only challenge myself in the New Year but to also be reminded of how much I have to be thankful for!  

So my challenge to you (inspired by so many others!) is this : take a few hours out for yourself, or with your hubby or with your kids, and truly reflect on this past year. Get rid of what didn't work, continue to refine what did and think about what will FIRE you up in the New Year! And most importantly, make a fourth list. A list of all of the things you have to be thankful for this past year. It might only be list of one but I know we ALL have something to be thankful for!!  

Here's to the year that was 2012....and bring it on 2013!!! 

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Deborah Zoe Photography, Boston Wedding Photographer, New England Wedding Photographer, Destination