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November Self Portrait


Soooo if I were being completely honest, I didn't really want to do this. It seems like everyone does some sort of self portrait or goals post and I just didn't want to seem like a copy cat. But after some thought I decide to throw my doubts to the side and just do what I wanted! 

I've been doing a self portrait blog series since the beginning of the year. It certainly has been a challenge!! And I think I knew it would be. There have been a few months where I "skipped", hey life got really crazy for a while, and other months where I was really proud of the image I created! But as I thought about how I wanted the series to grow (yes I want to keep challenging myself with this!), I thought that there had to be something that kept me interested and invested in doing it over and over each month.  

Hence why I decided to add a "goals" portion to portrait post. After what seemed like an insane August and September due to some family emergencies (and a new pregnancy!) I felt like I was just suddenly put off track. My to do lists, which I'm usually great a managing, where suddenly all over the place and I had no idea where I was. Forget about goals for the future, I couldn't keep day to day tasks straight.  

So of course I loved the idea of putting my goals and dreams for the future out there in a blog post! First, it would be a place for me to write things down but second, it would be a way to be held accountable for the things I wanted to achieve that month! I mean if it's out there, I have to accomplish it right?! What a great motivator!  

So here we go, a first attempt at a goals post. Just in time for the year to end;)! 


-- November is all sorts of crazy with travel and the holidays so my number one goal is just to enjoy the month and the copious amount of time spent with family and friends! 

-- Have an amazing babymoon of sorts with Dave.  

-- Continue to clean out the guest room and paint (once we find out the sex of the baby of course!) 

-- Start a baby registry (once we find out the sex of the baby!) 

-- Get my car fixed and out of the shop. 

-- Research about "enhancing" our fireplace in the dining room. 

-- Start Christmas shopping! (eepp, is that really here?!) 


-- Make 2-3 "thank you" albums for my favorite venues this year.  

-- Plan out Christmas gifts for clients.  

-- Create a PASS instructional website for clients. 

-- Finalize a travel website for prints of my travel photography.  

-- Begin working on a Bridal Welcome packet/booklet for new clients.  

-- Update my website with new work and promo video.  

Looking ahead:

-- I can't wait to find out the gender of our little baby!! Which we will later this month! 

-- I can't wait to spend the holiday's with family! It's my favorite time of year:) 

-- I'm really looking forward to shooting the weddings I have for next year and enjoying the experience as a new mom! 

-- Cutting down our Christmas tree!! An annual Hammond tradition!