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My Promo Video

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It's Finally Here!

*It's amazing what a difference a day can make! Yesterday we woke up to rain, extreme wind and a leaky roof. This morning we woke up to downed branches, lots of puddles and some sunshine. To everyone that was affected by Hurricane Sandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you, especially those in NYC! Stay safe friends!* 

Today is a super exciting day at Deborah Zoe Photography! It's Promo Video day! This has been a project that has been on my Business To Do list for what has seemed like YEARS! But creating a promo video isn't really something you can just cross off your To Do list! I wanted to know and be sure about who I was as photographer before I invested in a video and of course I wanted to make sure that I worked with the right people! 

When I met Tom and Melissa of Long Haul Films I knew that they were the perfect fit for me! Their wedding work is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and really who doesn't love a Brit/American duo?! But in all seriousness, I saw their work and was hooked immediately! 

It seems like a life time ago that I first met Tom and Melissa to talk about possibly working together. During that initial meeting at a little coffee shop in Boston, we talked about my goals for the business and my dreams for the future and our shared hatred for some particular wedding reception songs;). Together we came up with an execution plan for a promo video.  

A new blog, new website and one very full wedding season later, here we are!! Melissa and Tom I simply adored working with you guys!! I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you so much for all the work you poured into this project! I can't believe that this day is here, but I'm so excited to share what all this planning has lead to! (A special thank you to Jon and Diana who made the trek out to my home office to be a part of such a special project!) 

So here we go!! My first Promo Video for Deborah Zoe Photography! Enjoy!