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Showit Live

Join me LIVE Today

In middle school I was on the AV team for the morning announcements. A first step in my goal to becoming the next Tom Brokaw or Katie Couric. I patiently waited behind the scenes and carefully watched as my classmates confidently read off the lunchroom meal of the day and the after school bus schedule. On one fateful morning my teacher asked if I could step in, a classmate was sick and they needed someone to read the announcements.  

Me in front of a camera? A live television broadcast across the entire school? 

We set up the cameras, the chairs and our notes. Suddenly our teacher gave us the que and it was time to go. I remember staring blankly at the camera, sweating profusely. I whispered the lunch menu and upcoming bus schedule barely looking up from my notes. And thus my dreams of becoming the next Tom Brokaw or Katie Couric were ended. Along with my middle school broadcasting career.  

Today I am excited to announce that I'll be a part of Showit Live, a free and live broadcast put on by Showiteers. I'm excited to hang out with Dan of Bethany and Dan (a fellow ginger!) to talk about all things red hair and branding related! I hope you'll tune in and share in the fun!  

Showit Live with Dan and Deborah 

Today at 1:00pm EST

And while I promise not to whisper my answers to Dan's questions, I can't promise that I won't be sweating profusely, laughing too loudly and talking too fast. But I do promise for it to be a fun afternoon together! I can't wait to meet you there!  

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Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 9.37.09 AM.png