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101 in 1001

An Update

Remember January? Does any one else feel like it was yesterday and yet a million days ago? It's so funny how a year can make life seem to speed by yet with reflection you realize just how much time has past! In January I started a 101 in 1001 goal list as a way to stay accountable to the dreams and goals I had for the future. I'm still along way from completing this list but I am pretty excited about the things that have been crossed already this year! Going through my goals I've realized that the list needed a bit of a overhaul already! Many of the goals that I had at the beginning of the year have changed and I find my life headed in a different direction. I think that is what is so amazing about doing a goal list like this, it's a chance to look back to where you were, see where you are now and adjust where you want to go! I've made a few tweaks and set back out to see many of these goals achieved. 
Have you started at 101 in 1001 list? Or do you have a goal you want to see completed this year? I'd love to hear what your dreaming about! 
1. Launch new Branding. completed on 7.12.2012 
2. Launch new website to fit with branding. completed on 7.12.2012 
3. Launch new blog to fit with branding. so, so, SO excited about this project! completed on 7.12.2012 
4. Travel back to Hawaii to photograph a wedding in Maui. 
5. Travel back to Europe to photograph a wedding in England, Scotland or Austria. 
6. Have a Baby! Wheeeee!! completed in 04.22.2013 
7. Create an online site for new clients as a welcome tool. (I've since revamped this idea to be a customized PASS gallery for clients.) 
8. Visit our friends in Turkey. 
9. Visit our friends in Austin, TX. completed on 6.02.2012 
10. Run the Disney World Half Marathon or a Half Marathon. 
11. Post once a week on the forums I belong to for three months straight (stole this from Gail Werner's list. I've been trying unsuccessfully to do this for months, so I'm writing it down here!) 
12. Revamp The Bookworm Club. started on 1.18.2012 
13. Join PPA and CPS. completed on 1.26.2012 
14. Add a giving/charity component to my business, possibly with Thirst Relief or Gateway to Nepal. 
15. Be published in a major Bridal magazine such as Brides, The Knot, Southern Weddings. 
16. Be published on Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Southern Weddings or another national wedding blog. 
17. Begin a mentorship program for photographers. 
18. Speak publicly about something I am passionate about. 
19. Purchase a new used car, preferably a CRV !! completed on 3.07.2012 
20. Decide whether or not to move to New Hampshire. 
21. Cook dinner once a week for my Husband for a month. 
22. Book 20-25 weddings a year. 
23. Streamline my workflow and create a business manual. 
24. See the Grand Canyon. 
25. Landscape our front and back yard. 
26. Own a pair of Frye boots. 
28. Have a promo video made. Eeeppp this is happening soon! 
29. Go to Vancouver/Portland/visit the Northwest. 
30. Visit 10 states I have never been too. Already visited two! 
31. Improve Client packaging to match new branding and have a luxurious, custom feel. completed in September 2012 
32. Go on a girl's vacation to someplace warm with my besties. 
33. Host a small workshop or retreat for women photographers, possibly for married photographers. 
34. Pay for meal/drink/coffee of the person behind me at the drive through. At least once. 
35. Create a travel photography site to sell prints. 
36. Do three styled shoots with my favorite vendors. 
37. Participate in a running club or boot camp program. 
38. Implement and finish a DIY project for our home. 
39. Second shoot a wedding for a photographer who lives outside of New England. 
40. Hire a trainer to help Maya learn to not be afraid...of Dave. 
41. Paint and revamp our fireplace. 
42. Get a new laptop. 
43. Revamp our bedroom. completed on 6.27.2012 
44. Make a Date Night package for each month for a whole year for Dave:) completed on 1.01.2012 
45. Visit California again. This time SoCal. 
46. Be asked to write a guest blog post on a wedding blog or another photographers blog. completed on 08.24.2012 
47. Go Karaoking, for the first time. 
48. Find a photography/business/life mentor who can speak into my life. 
49. Find someone who I can mentor and encourage. 
50. Spend the whole day at the spa! (Without being intimidated;)) 
51. Reach my goal weight of 1_0 and maintain it. 
52. Take a self portrait once a month for a year. Been working on this! 
53. Conquer my fear of flying.  
54. Display our wedding vows in a meaningful way. 
55. Make mom an album of our wedding. 
56. Wake up with the hubby every work day for a whole month. 
57. Revamp the living room/kitchen. completed on 6.27.2012 
58. Revamp the dining room. completed on 6.27.2012 
59. Shoot a gun (what?:)) 
60. See a real live Moose. 
61. Hike another 4,000 ft mountain with Dave (I want to help him cross that off his list!) 
62. Revamp the downstairs bathroom. completed on 6.27.2012 
63. Print images from Hawaii and other travels. 
64. Become an LLC. completed on 1.1.2012 
65. Have lunch with one of my photography heroes. 
67. Have a consistent editing style. Use more color and better light. 
68. Splurge and purchase a pair of Louboutins. Better yet, be surprised with a pair of Louboutins. Wink, wink ;) 
69. Revamp my wedding day wardrobe. This has been a work in progress! 
70. Read all of the New Testament. 
71. Read all of the Old Testament. 
72. See another Broadway show. 
73. Sing backup for someone. It's always been a secret desire of mine! 
74. Go to Disney World. For the fifty millionth time :-) 
75. Go on a Cruise for the first time. completed on 4.1.2012 
76. Be published in a regional Bridal magazine like Seacoast Bride or WellWed. 
77.Upgrade my second camera body (either 5d Mark II or the Mark IV) completed on 1.31.2012 
78. Complete the P90x Program. We've now changed this to the Insanity program which is on it's way to our house! 
79. Create a better Twitter presence. A work in progress. 
80. Sell or give away old equipment I'm not using. completed on 1.16.2012 
81. Buy lunch for Katelyn James and Karen Stott and Jody Gray and Mary Marantz and Erin Youngren and Ginny Corbett and maybe some other fabulous photog lady friends. All together perhaps?:)! 
82. Lead a homeless ministry again with the husband or just be a part of an outreach ministry. 
83. Work with an intern who can help out with office details so I can concentrate on growing the business. Anyone interested?:) 
84. Work with an assistant on the wedding day who can help carry bags, set up lighting, hold reflectors and shoot a little. Anyone interested?:) 
85. Relive our wedding night by spending the weekend at The Custom House in Boston. Nothing like a mini vacation in your own backyard:)! 
86. Buy Dave a double cab Toyota Tacoma (or truck of choice :)) 
87. Travel to a warm state to run a road race. 
88. Purchase a road bike and help my hubby get back into biking. 
89. Spend the weekend at Church Landing in Meredith, New Hampshire. completed on 2.12.2012 
90. Redesign my engagement ring and wedding band. (Dave actually purchased me a new wedding band! One that I've always dreamed of having! I have an amazing husband! completed on 07.21.2012 
91. Go to another Patriots game. Play offs?:)! 
92. Go on a road trip with the Husband through the South. Really doesn't have to be the South. I'd like to just go on a road trip! 
93. Visit Glacier National Park. 
94. Attend a show at Fashion Week in NYC with Tricia. 
95. Purchase a Kate Spade bag. And shoes. And dress.... 
97. Ride a zip line, even though I'm TERRIFIED with even the thought of it! 
98. Leave this slot open for suggestions! 
99. Finish and blog my office. This is also a work in progress. I've now changed this goal to find an outside office! 
100. Go on a marriage retreat.  
101. Visit New Zealand. 

** UPDATED TO ADD: Here is the original site from the person who created the 101 in 1001 idea:) **