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June Self Portrait

A Look Behind the Scenes

It's behind the scenes for this month's self portrait. Mostly because I needed to multi-task. As in Dave take my picture while I answer emails. As in I don't have time to put on makeup so don't shoot my face. As in I might as well take a picture of what life is really like right now

It's that time of year where I feel as is my life is swirling around me and I'm just trying to keep up. As a photographer I don't just photograph amazing weddings and fabulous engagement sessions, I also have to run a business. It's a lot of work. And while I can't dream of doing anything else, there are times, like this month, where life just swirls

So June and July have been a month of weddings and engagements and portraits. But also a lot of emails, blogging, Quickbooks, budgeting, coffee runs and upkeep. Yet as I battle with my computer I can't help but smile. Sweet, slobbery kisses are given to my knee. And I remember that it's all worth it. I love this job and the freedom is gives me. To work from home, to take my dog for a walk, and most of all, to enjoy puppy kisses in the middle of the work day. Happy Weekend everyone!